June 4, 2011

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul - June 2011

Hello ladies! It's been a great day today for me so far, but the only thing ruining it right now is the rain and gloomy weather! As some of you might be aware, the famous MAC Warehouse Sale is taking place this weekend, and this time I was lucky enough to be able to attend! I'm not going to give too much information about the sale since you can find info through a simple google check, but you could also read my past Warehouse Sale posts if you're unaware of what this sale is. It's invitation only, and this time my mom's co-worker was able to snatch us some tickets for free! Man, I love her. I personally spent a little more than $100 (before taxes) which is the least I've ever spent at a MAC Warehouse Sale, but it's mainly because the prices have gone up and the selection wasn't great so I was a little disappointed. Let's get to the haul!

Its not a huge haul, but had some lovely products I was eyeing for a while!

MAC 249 Brush
I've heard loads about this brush from lovely Christine from Temptalia, and it's main purpose is to use with cream products such as eyeshadows and concealers. I'm a huge concealer brush user, so this is great for me!

MAC Mega Metal Eyeshadow in Spectacle of Yourself
This was part of the 5$ charity bags, and since I got two of the bags I got two of the same shadows! The texture is smooth, pigmented and reminds me tons of MAC Antiqued Eyeshadow!

MAC Beach Bronze Cream Bronzer
I remember seeing this in the promo photos of the To The Beach collection thinking it was such a cool idea. I've always hated that my NARS Laguna Bronzer fades by the end of the day, so hopefully this will be a nice alternative!

MAC #35 and #45 Lashes
I got these both at the $4 bins, and there were only three types of lashes to choose from. I chose these two because it seemed the most wearable!

Clinique Happy Heart Perfume
I purchased this for my Mom who requested Clinique Happy Blossom, but they didn't have it so I got this for her. She said she likes it! She also mentioned it smelling like nice clean floral.

Eyeshadows in Femme Fi, Talent Pool and Haunting
Femme Fi is a backup since I purchased one nearly a year ago and I've hit pan on it! It's my favorite everyday lid color so I had to repurchase it. I've also heard tons about Talent Pool and it's a gorgeous medium blue with gold, and it's a Starflash (my favorite) finish. Haunting was the free gift of Saturday, and it's a pretty violet blue.

MAC Plush Lash in Brownette
I've always heard bad things about MAC mascaras, but personally, I had a great experience with Zoom Lash. This was part of the charity pack and the brown color would look great for everyday!

Moisturecover Concealer in NC23
I've been obsessed with liquid concealers lately and have been wanting to try out the select moisturecover concealer since it promises moisture to the eyes, which I desperately need!

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Partial to Pink
This again came in the charity package, and I was pleasantly surprised! I'd been wanting to pick this and Boy Bait up for a while but I'm super happy that I have it now. It's a gorgeous neutral pink with tiny gold shimmers.

Sea Me Shadestick
This is literally the definition of the perfect blue base! It's an amazing deep ocean blue and would work amazing as either an eyeshadow, base, or a liner. I applied some on my hand at the sale this morning and it still hasn't worn off!

Cremesheen Glass in I Want Candy and Clinique Moisture Surge
Can you believe I got this Cremesheen Glass for $4? I think most people skipped out on this one because they thought it may actually look like a stark yellow, but it actually sheers out to a nice muted gold! The Clinique Moisture Surge is a gel cream formula and is extremely moisturising.

That's all for my Warehouse sale haul! It's not particularly big compared to other ones I've been to, but I'm pretty happy with everything I purchased. I spent a total of $136 with tax, but if I purchased everything full price, it would've cost me $428!


  1. I went this am as well! I'm also very pleased with that cremesheen glass in the charity bag. It's a really nice colour and not sticky. It was my first time and surprisingly I didn't go nuts. I stuck to my budget. Will me posting my haul within the next day or so!

  2. wOOOOOOw!
    Everything is so wonderful!
    All that products are so cool!
    But Cremesheen Glass in I Want Candy is AMAZING!!!
    *love it*

  3. Great haul! I've always wanted to got to a warehouse sale, but I live just a bit too far away to make it worth while now that the prices have gone up.

  4. GASP! I love all of this stuff. I love haul posts, and this is sooo gorgeous. I'm especially loving the Partial to Pink, the metal shadows, the sea me shadestick, and the other three shadows. Gorgeous.

  5. Nice i love sales and i love MAC what a oerfect combination!

  6. Oh wow! I missed the Peacocky Spectacle of Yourself! So jealous! I got the Peek-At-You Eyeshadow in the Charity Pack, so I guess that makes up for it! Good Haul! What day did you go? I went friday!

  7. WOW you got some amazing thingsss!! Im loving the eyeshadow & cremesheen. If you have any extra charity packs & your up for swapping let me know.. this is what i have


  8. Great haul! The prices are still very affordable compared to regular retail prices!!! Btw, love your blog! ^^

  9. Heu hun it's me again.. just wanted to know if you checked out my video & if you were interested or not?? Thanksss♥♥

  10. i love the eyelashes! :D i live in Toronto and i heard about the warehouse, i have yet to get my hands on the tickets. you got some great stuff!

    xo Callie



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