May 14, 2011

NARS/Shiseido Warehouse Sale Haul (May 2011)

Hello girlies! As I mentioned in a previous post, today I attended the totally underrated Shiseido Warehouse Sale! I'm going to give you a little background information regarding the cosmetic giant's semi annual Warehouse Sale. Shiseido is a huge company that's been around for years, and it owns many of the top of the line cosmetic brands such as NARS, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cle De Peau, as well as many other brands. They hold a Warehouse Sale every six months which usually takes place every November and May, which is the one I attended today. They sell items from their brands that may have been from previous seasons, but by no means expired.

However, this sale is almost notorious for it's ridiculous line ups which are usually about an hour to one and a half just to simply enter. There is no invitation required which is why a ton of people show up just to browse around for some heavily discounted skincare and makeup products. This time was especially terrible due to 90 minute line up to go in, and another hour just to get to the cashier. See what I'm willing to do for amazing deals?

The sale takes place at:
Shiseido Inc.
303 Allstate Parkway
Markham, Ontario

Alright, so I think it's time that I show you what I got!

As you can see it's a pretty big haul, but it's worth it because I got about an average of 60% off everything!

Joico Damage Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray
I've been longing to try for hair products from Joico, but I'm seriously guilty of being sucked into onto buying inexpensive hair products due to it's price. This is a great way of trying the brand out since this set was only 8$!

More Shampoo and Conditioner, Haha!
I've actually purchased multiple of these for my family since I bought these at the last sale and they worked quite nice! They came in huge one litre bottles so they were good for a few months :)

Shiseido Eyeshadow Palette in 03 Flora and Fauna
This is my mom's and she picked it out then came running to me like "OMG Erica this is so stunning!" These shadows really are beautiful since they glide on smoothly, and the glitter isn't chunky at all she it's very pigmented.

NARS Firming and Oil Free Foundation
I was super exciting this time to pick up more NARS Foundations since they normally retail for $55 CAD, but I got these for $15! The firming one is for my momma, since she wanted it to tighten her barely aging skin! I got the oil free one since summer's coming and I need oil control for my t-zone!

NARS Makeup Primer
This is one of the highlights of my day! I didn't see this at the last sale, but I've been running low on my Makeup Forever primer and my Hard Candy one broke me out! I'm hoping this work since I've heard some good comments on this primer.

NARS Blushes in Sertao and Taj Mahal
I knew I wanted Sertao even when I saw it in stores, but even better as I got it for $14 at the sale! I mean, Taj Mahal was an honest impulsive buy since I've always thought it was beautiful but I can't imagine myself rocking this baby full force! Maybe a a little winged eyeliner with a light dusting of Taj Mahal would work... haha!

NARS Lipglosses in Albatross and Luster
My eyeballs were about to pop out as I saw these lipglosses, because I remember oohing and ahing at Sephora when I saw these on sale, then leaving as a sad little girl because they're so expensive! As you all know, I love my Albatross, and having it in lipgloss is simply lovely!

Shiseido Balancing Softener
This is my mom's, and she heard from a co-worker that this was amazing, so she picked one up for herself! I believe this retails for an absurd amount, but we got this for $36 which I believe is pretty good!

Shiseido Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
Again, this is my mom's and she really did scream when she saw this. At the last sale, we didn't bother to battle it out with other people to get the Shiseido skin care, but I'm glad we did this time! This retails for around $60 CAD, but we got it for $36.

NARS Nail Polish in Cha Cha Cha
I didn't think I was going to pick up any nail polishes since there weren't too many to choose from, but I've been looking for the perfect summer orange with shimmer, and this is it! Can you believe it was only 5$?

NARS Eyeshadow in Faith
I swatched this out of curiosity and was surprised to see that this was such a stunning color. I've never heard of this color before, and it seriously reminds me of MAC's Expensive Pink without the excessive pink. Just really the perfect melon!

Shiseido Eye Moisture Recharge
I bought this because I recently suffered from super dry undereyes which is making my concealer application a nightmare! I'm definitely hoping it will sooth my dryness and also help prevent premature wrinkles :)

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique X Perfume
My momma purchased the original Jean Paul Gaultier perfume with the sexy female bottle, and this is a newer version of the original. I personally like it better as it smells much fresher and has a sweeter, younger smell to it!

Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara
Again, I've heard wonderful things about Shiseido Mascaras, so my mom and I each picked up one. I hoping this will be good! Also I was super upset to find out that all the mascara bases were sold out :(

Alright, so that's it for my haul today! I hope you enjoyed it!

PS. The sale is still on tomorrow for all you Toronto/Markham girlies! Remember to get there super early so you don't have to line up as long!

PPS: I know this is a pretty big haul, but I haven't really purchased much makeup for a few months, and I did save up for it.


  1. whoaaaaaa LOTSSSSSSSAAA goodies! I am hella jealous!

  2. awesome haul! I love the shade of "faith" so pretty.

  3. JEALOUS!! i would own so much more NARS if it weren't so darn expensive!

  4. NICE haul!! Oh dear thinking of going Sunday...not sure if I'm in the mood for line-ups though.

  5. wow! nice haul! :) wish i could come tho. lol

  6. Wow, what a haul! I love the K-Pak from Joico, they are truly great products.

  7. congrats on your great deals! i went yesterday as well, check out my blog as I posted my haul too. I got there around 1:30pm and only waited 20 mins in line! It was my first time and I would have to say I really enjoyed it. I have never been to the MAC one, but I have heard alot about it and it seems to me this one is underrated compared to the MAC one.

  8. WOW that's such a good haul considering it's so inexpensive!

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    Awesome blog! Im just new to this.

    Just wondering if you check out my blog and become a follower?

    That would be awesome! Thanks

  10. AHHH wow. lucky! amaazing deals!!

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  12. Hey how do you get tickets for the Friday? I'm hoping to go to the next sale if not on the Friday definitely on the Saturday.

  13. Hi! Great haul! Do you know when the next event is in November? Thanks!:)



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