February 15, 2011

My Little Nail Polish Collection

Hello there y'allls. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! Mine was rather quiet, while my boyfriend and I just went to my place after class, played guitar together, slept a bit and ate. It was really nice! Well today I'm letting you into my honestly smallish nail polish collection that's been a modest size my entire life. I started wearing nail polish when I was about 9, and it was those kiddy pack nail polishes that were honestly no good. But when I found out that China Glaze was sold nearby me, that was when I actually bought a few. I'm personally the most attracted to bright, bold, pretty colors, but recently I'm starting to get into other colors. Lately I've gotten more into nail art and stuff, and TBH, this is kind of like a documentation of my collection as of now!

So I store all my nail polishes on a rack that I made myself out of popsicle sticks! It's kind of like a kiddy craft project, but honestly I kind of like it. It cost nearly nothing to make, and is quite sturdy, despite being made from popsicle sticks. They were bonded together using hot glue, and I can adjust the depth by adding more sticks. My favorite thing about it was that I didn't have to pay 40$ for it!

Neutral Polishes
These are what I consider "Neutral Polishes", and it consists of China Glaze's White on White, Golden Meringue, and Innocence. I must say that Golden Meringue is my favorite of the bunch because it's just pretty, easy to wear and good for the down days. It's a golden peach that looks lovely!

Red Polishes
As you can see, I'm not a huge fan of red polishes so I don't own a ton of them. However, the two that I do own are quite lovely. They consist of Sally Girl's Red, and Nicole by OPI's Celebration in Red. I must say the Sally Girl one is my favorite because it's super opaque and only one coat is needed.

Nail Care
I'm not huge on nail care, so the basics are really all I need. They consist of China Glaze Cuticle Oil, Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, Loreal Top Coat, Beauty Secrets Top Coat, and Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler. I really do love Seche Vite because it dries lightning quick. LOVE!

Pink Polishes
For some odd reason, I'm not much of a pink polish fan just because I feel as though it makes me fingers look strange. My collection consists of Borghese's Plazza Pink, GOSH's Flamingo, Essie's Mod Squad, and Barry M's Pink Flamingo. When I do decide to wear pink, I always run back to Essie's Mod Squad, it's the best!

Blue/Green Polishes
I must say this category is my absolutely favorite! My collection consists of China Glaze's Dorothy Who, Sexy in the City, For Audrey, Turned Up Turqoise, Shower Together, and Up All Night. My absolutely favorite nail polish EVER is Sexy in the City, which is like an ocean blue with a golden shimmer. I've looked for a nail polish like this since I was 12!

Purple Polishes
Last is for the purples! Aside from blue, purple is probably my favorite color to wear on my nails. My collection consists of China Glaze's Spontaneous, Awakening, Avalanche, Nicole By OPI's Party at 3AM!, and GOSH's Gasoline. My favorite is Avalanche for it's rocker-ness!

Just thought I would show you guys what I got for my boyfriend this Valentines Day! It's not super expensive, but super cute and I knew he would love it. It's a huge "I love you" teddy bear hugging a real green ukulele! My boyfriend Justin is a guitar lover, and he loves playing any type of instrument. I also got myself a matching pink ukulele!

So that's it for my polish collection, hope you enjoyed! xoxo


  1. If you like china glaze you should go to orfus road, they've got a large selection and sell them for I think half the price of other stores.

  2. love the popsicle stick rack!
    if u didnt say anything id think u bought it at the store!!

    & nice nail polish collection too :)

  3. i love that u play guiar, wat kind of music do u play

    and u got a RAD cellection of nailpolishes!



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