February 9, 2011

Forever 21 Accessories + Shoe Haul!

I posted before about my recent haul from Forever 21 which was done because I was feeling super stressed out and needed something to help me release myself. I haven't gone shopping for almost two months, which I think is completely pathetic and I need to get out more! My haul was mainly accessories since I had a sudden need of earrings, and lots of earrings! The thing I was most excited for that I bought that day were my heels! This is only the accessory part of my haul, simply because I suck at photographing clothing! The shoes weren't from Forever21, but from a store called Costa Blanca X (my Canadian girls would know what I`m talking about), and they`re having an end of season sale right now so everything is on amazing prices! You`ll see later in the post. Oh btw, sorry for the slight overload of photos, I was feeling rather inspirational and artsy with my DSLR :)

I didn`t even notice before... but I bought a lot of stuff with a bow on it!

Grey Studded Bag
This bag was actually suggested to me by my mom, who said it would look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan! So I took her advice and tried it on with that combination. Low and behold, it looks great! I feel as though it would give a little bit of interest to a boring outfit. Loves!

Bow Tote Bag
When I first saw this, my jaw literally dropped. Why had I never seen this on the Forever 21 site? The even bigger surprise came when I found out it was $15! Seriously, I was captivated by the huge bow on the simple tote bag, and the fact that there are tons of sparkles on it! It`s not that prominent in the photos, but in real life it really shows. I loved how it is versatile and cute all at the same time.

Bow Booties
Again, I was captivated at it`s huge bow! Can you believe these super cute pair of booties were only $20? My jaw dropped a second time when I stepped into Costa Blanca X and found that they had a wall full of SUPER CUTE shoes on sale! I`m actually terrible at wearing heels, so usually I avoid them except when I go out. But these are actually pretty comfy, probably since they`re boots!

Gray Buckle Booties
These are similar to first pair of booties, but I personally find these a bit more comfy and edgy. It has a bit of a thicker heel, as well as a thicker platform to make it easier to walk. Can you believe these were also $20? I swear they would go for like $90 at ALDO! Personally I thought the first pair were cuter, but these would making a better alternative for shopping!

Coral Pink Aviators
Since we`re in the middle of winter, I wanted something real bad that would remind me of the warmer weather! Just kidding, but it`s never too early to begin prepping for the summer sun! These were only $1.50... super worth it!

White Rose Ring
As a routine, I usually run towards the jewelry in F21 whenever I go, and this time was no exception. It`s rare that I see something, and I instantaneously know that I must have it! It`s a simple white rose with gold details on it, and I absolutely LOVE it! I don`t even know why, but I just do!

Pink Heart Ring
My mom found this one as well, and told me how absolutely adorable it is! I totally agree with her, and think that it`s the cutest shade of pink. It only comes in one size since it`s like a stretchy band, but I love it!

Pearl, Rose and Bow Earrings
I don`t know if you know, but I`m a studaholic! I personally prefer wearing stud earrings over dangled earrings because they just seem so much more understated and simple. That`s just me, but usually I wear studs for school and stuff. Dangling are more for nights out!

Assorted Stud Earrings
I bought this set of 5 pairs mainly for the anchor earring, because s2pandapple`s fashion choices influence me! But I love all of them, and honestly this set is super worth it. It was $4 for 5 pairs... that totals to less than $1 per pair!

White Dangling Earrings
I call these my `big girl` earrings! As I said before, I`m not one to wear huge earrings, so these would be ideal for a night out for me. I love that they`re white so they`ll go with any outfit!

Eiffel Tower Necklace
I bought the necklace because I absolutely adore the little charms with the tower, the passport, and suitcase. I love travelling and anything to do with Paris! I apologize for the blurry picture, but I was in a rush to finish. Sorry!

So that`s it for today`s haul girls! Hope you enjoyed it!

PS. None of the photos were edited!


  1. Lovely haul! Your mom has a great style that bag is so chic! I love everything that you got. Those booties with the bow, ohmygosh so cute!

  2. I need that White Rose Ring!

  3. oh my gosh! i luv ur haul!!!

    my faves are the bow booties, coral aviators, rose ring, and the eiffel tower necklace!

  4. Love the haul! AND THE AVIATORS,so cute!<3

  5. Love those aviators, might have to get one myself :D



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