September 20, 2010

Why Do YOU Wear Makeup?

Today's topic is going to be about something that I rarely think about, but does seem to be a question asked by many people who aren't makeup junkies like us. This question really came as a mild shocker to me, as today, a friend of mine made this statement: "Why do you wear makeup? You look just as good without it."

That got me pondering... Why DO I wear makeup? Is it something that I really NEED to do? Well, no, I don't actually wear makeup all the time, but I do enjoy doing simple looks for most days. As you all know, I'm probably one of the younger makeup junkies in our blogger community and bad skin has never been an issue in my life. But I also question myself, if I don't NEED it, then why do I WEAR it? The answer is that I enjoy applying it, and it boosts my self esteem by a bit. It's really not that I think I'm ugly without makeup, it's just, I feel more happy, and ME. Just for the sake of showing you guys, I'm perfectly fine without makeup.

There you have it, not a speck of makeup on my face. To be honest, I think I look fine without it and may even go out like this more often. However, I do feel that makeup enhances my features and kind of, makes me more unique and less ordinary. Also, glamming up is my favorite process of spending a night out, and also means a lot to my when my boyfriend compliments me on how good I look. I also love that he can see past the makeup, and really love me for the person I really am. Makeup is really just one of my best girlfriends, blush and eyeshadow can make me happy for a day, but not like real people who can really love me.
Now I ask you, Why do you wear Makeup?


  1. You are very lucky to be able to look like this without makeup. I have so many flaws to cover (old scars, pimples, dark spots, etc.), so that's part of the reason I wear makeup. But you're right about the self-esteem boost, I can't imagine where I am now without that extra boost

  2. is true, you are fine without makeup, you're lucky to have great skin :D As for me, I dont wear makeup everyday, when I do, I just do simple looks. I enjoy putting on makeup, its so fun for me! I even put it on when Im at home and then I wash it off right away coz I love my skin regimen too. Haha. I agree, make up makes me more confident, enhances my natural beauty, and it's just simply fun applying it! :D

  3. You're blessed with good skin. I wear makeup because I feel that we are only young once and live only once. Putting on makeup for me is a fun thing to do. I know when I'm old cannot wear as much makeup anymore and probably will not that look good on me.

  4. i am so jealous! you can wake up and go out without applying makeup!! i wear makeup so i don't look like a zombie O_O

  5. U have great skin! I wear make up cos like Nikka mentioned, it's such a fun thing to do, picking the suitable combination, pairing the perfect combo of lipstick and gloss; it's just like painting! I think make up also makes me feel more confident whenever I'm out.

    P/S: I hate how pale I am without any make up on. haha


  6. I wear make-up because I enjoy the whole process. I love getting out the shower, applying moisturizer and looting around my vanity to figure out what look I'm going to put together for the day. It's fun for me, I'd go out without make-up, but why would I do that when I have everything I possibly need to match my mood for the day?

    My boyfriend HATES when I wear/talk/look/see/whatever about make-up. He thinks I wear it because I feel I have to, but I always try and prove to him that I don't (ie: going out sans make-up).

    Make-up is an outlet for me, that's why I wear it.

  7. You have fantastic skin :) I enjoy the makeup process... and how I look when my natural qualities are enhanced by makeup. My lips are pinker, my cheeks glowy, my eyes have my depth, etc. Many many reasons :) Above all, the fact that makeup boost self esteem is the whole point :)

  8. i love love love makeup. I don't really need it but i find that it helps for me to look creative if i have a "blah" outfit (hopefully that is not always the case haha). I work in an office environment and i don't really care what people think. Some honestly think it looks awesome just as long as it's still appropriate and not too crazy :P



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