September 8, 2010

Dear MAC... (Mini Rant) & Giveaway Winner!

Hello ladies! So... today I read a post from Temptalia regarding an open letter to one of your favorite makeup brands. Obviously, the letter I'm writing is to MAC! I mean... who else is as big of a giant in the makeup industry as MAC? Honestly, MAC is one of those brands that I've got a love/hate relationship going on with. Here's my letter!

Dear MAC...

I think your products are far spectacular, and you definitely deserve one of the top spots in the ever-so-competitive beauty industry. I'd really like to thank you for creating such phenominal products such as the MSF Naturals, WIDE variety of eyeshadows, and amazing lipsticks. However, there's also SO much about you that causes controversy and makes me doubt my loyalty towards you.

Let's begin with the recent Rodarte collection controversy. How could you actually make a collection that glorifies and showcases the torture that's going on with women (JUST LIKE US) in Mexico? I don't find this to be a joke. Especially not the scary skinny and gaunt model on the promo picture. I know you made many official statements stating that the collection was to RAISE awareness about the situation in Juarez, most of the products in the collection actually scared me when I looked at product photos. I remember most precisely... seeing a white mineralize shadow with RED veining in it. It automatically made me think of a raped and beaten woman's bloodshot eyeball. I guess you could say I was oh-so turned off. Oh, and now you say you're pulling back the entire collection and donating the amount of money that the collection was "supposed" to make? I have a feeling they're just going to screw the donating since no one's really going to notice after the controversy dies down.

Also, what's with the limited edition collections every five seconds? I'll admit, I used to be one that would go the day of a new collection's release and pick up a few things. But those days are now long gone. I only occasionally purchase from you at full price anymore because I realize I can find most of these items in your Warehouse Sales in a couple of months. I mean, I saw your Hello Kitty quads going for 15$, that's a joke. I remember when everybody got so hyped up about those quads, and they were sold out in seconds. That also leads me to my next point. What's with your products selling out in MINUTES? I'm not even talking about days, or even hours... Stereo Rose sold out in about an hour I hear! Yes, your MSFs are beautiful and I admit I have a love for collecting them. But really? Stalking your computer all day just to purchase another coral blush? It also makes me question how much stock you actually put out. I feel particularly bad when I actually have to work SO HARD just to put money in your pocket. I mean I have to run to every store around me, ask, get rejected and feel like an idiot? That's not fair.

I'm not a hater, I'm also not trying to be a hypocrite since I do love and buy MAC, but sometimes they frustrate me!

Loves, Erica

I'm really happy about this contest since I recieved almost 300 entries in total!
So the winner is... PrettyAsPeaches! Congrats Girl! Please email me within 3 days :)
As for others who entered, don't feel bad cause I'll have other contest in the future!


  1. Congrats to the winner. I also feel the same about Mac haha.

  2. I so agree with you.. The LE have become a joke now. There is one every week!

  3. Yay! Thanks so much for the contest!
    and omg I totally hear you on MAC and their dang LE crap. And don't get me started on Rodarte.



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