August 8, 2010

Spotlight: Blush Collection/Storage + Swatches (PIC HEAVY)

Hello ladies! It's such a beautiful day here in Toronto today. I had some nice "me" time alone here just watching some movies, but this morning, I got a haircut! It's alright, but a little short. I'm sure it'll look great again in a few weeks! So yeah... I felt as though I needed to do a legit "beauty" post since I haven't really made one with pictures for an entire week!

As we all know, blush is something that almost every makeup junkie adore! So I decided to share my blush collection with you all cause I think there's some great colors that I must share with you! I know it may seem like quite a bit to some people, but it's really nothing compared to some other junkies!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes

So Ceylon, Spectacle, Perfect Topping

Light Flush, Refined, Brunette, Petticoat

Porcelain Pink, Sunny By Nature, Summer Rose

MAC Blushes

X-Rocks, Stark Naked, Joyous, Well Dressed

Notable, Earth to Earth, Light Over Dark

NARS Blushes

Orgasm, Lovejoy, Torrid, Albatross


ELF Blush Bronzer Duo, NARS Laguna

NYX Blushes

Terracotta, Angel

ELF & Annabelle Bronzers

Sun Kissed, Luminance, Warm Tan, Zebra
Cream Blushes

Riviera, Persimmon, Spotlight
ELF Blushes

Peachykeen, Berry Merry, Gotta Glow, Tickle Pink
& That's it for my blush collection! I hope I get to see some of your collections aswell!
PS. Jenn from Spiced Beauty interviewed me last night, click here to see her blog! The post will be up on Wednesday :)


  1. omg, blush porn! haha, i loved this post!! i am obsessed with blush too but have really been trying to control myself with buying makeup lately. "angel" by NYX looks so pretty and is cheap, so i may just have to pick one up this week.

    thanks for the info, girl! xo

  2. I love blush collection posts! Im a blush addict! You have a great collection here, we have similar taste in blushes. :)

  3. I love this post :D I'm a blush/bronzer addict!! Great collection :D

  4. Little jealous of your collection, not going to lie :)

  5. pretty! how do you use the porcelain pink MSF? I own it but never use it...let me know. I'm at

  6. great post!! i love my NARS Love joy!!

  7. That is A LOT of blushes! :D :D :D You have the prettiest collection!!!!

  8. This is an amazing post <3
    Great collection :)

  9. GAAAHHH..That is waaay too much temptations! Good thing you're not living anywhere near me..XD
    I love your blush collection. =)) That is so awesome! Try TheBalm blushes! They're pigmented and comes in printed yet cute packages ^^
    Anyway, I didn't know ELF Studio has a highlighter 'Gotta Glow'..I only have peachy keen and they're pretty good for a dirt cheap price. =)

  10. Great collection! Thanks for sharing and the swatches :)

  11. Oh myyyyy... blush is so lush ^^ Thanks for sharing!!

  12. I love your collection!! You've got lots of gorgeous blushes! x

  13. thats a lot of blush! and a lot of mac! <3 glamorous!

  14. Ooh! You've got a ton of gorgeous looking blushes!

  15. really liking this post. glad you did it. awe man! my wishlist is now expanding.

  16. You have a lot of blushes!

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