August 7, 2010

QOTD: How did you get into Makeup?

Hello ladies! It's been almost a week since I last posted. Summer had just begun for me and I'm uber excited! I'm at a family friend's house for a barbeque... again using the internet from my iphone, lol. I'm not wearing any makeup because these are the friends that I grew up with.. and I consider them family. Haha, I'm soo stuffed right now from all the ribs and chicken wings! Okay okay... back to the point.

So I was wondering, how did you all get into makeup? I was just sitting at my collection putting on my 5 minute face... with my mascara and concealer. Then I suddenly messed up and poked my eye out with my mascara wand.. and ALL the memories of my first makeup application came back to me.

I think I was about 12.. and one day during my summer holiday before seventh grade I got bored and began playing around with my moms makeup box. At the time, all she really used was this... Sheseido Foundation & Powder, lavender and blue cream shadows from Maybelline, a couple of Revlon Blushes, liner, mascara, 3 different Dior lipsticks and a bunch of random eyeshadows. Man, did I have fun. Haha, my first experience ended up looking like a slight variation of the photo above!

I remember doing a bright blue eye... and putting on my mom's foundation which was about 2 shades too light. I applied the foundations with my fingers, and the blue cream shadow from my crease all the way to the brow bone. I was proud. My mom's a huge fan of red/dark lips, so I put on this Dior lipstick that looked a lot like MAC's Russian Red today.

The liner and mascara was actually the most brutal procedure of all! It was soo difficult to apply it evenly and I kept poking my eye! At first I was paranoid of it getting so close to my eye.. But I slowly got the hang of it. At the time, I thought my work was miraculous! Ever since... I've been in love with makeup!

I think it was about nineth grade where I really began collecting. Before then, my collection really only consisted of mascara, blush and lipgloss. The MAC love began in eleventh grade, and I've been hooking to MAC and ALL makeup since then!

I'd love to hear all your stories of how your makeup adventures all began! I hope this post brings back a ton of memories, haha! I can't believe I actually stepped out of the house with blue eyeshadow to my brow bone... LOOL!


  1. haha great post!!

    I only started getting into proper makeup about the start of this year, so Im a newbie, but I do remember using one of my mums eyeshadow pallets which had a fugly yellow colour in it and I put it all over my eyelids, and used some bright red eyeshadow as blush, then I heard my uncle was coming over so I tried to wash it all off, because I knew he'd tease me LOL, and when he saw me, my face had gone all disgusting with colour everywhere. So embarassing.


  2. You are too funny :) I'm sure you didn't look as horrendous as that photo :p

    I got into makeup during my Sophomore year of HS, or was it my freshman? I just used powder and stick foundation and slowly began going into eyeshadows and eyeliners way later. I was a total geek. I properly began my love for makeup during college when I was able to explore drug stores and malls :p My parents weren't that supportive of my makeup usage as a high schooler so I had to sneak it to school :p

  3. ^^ Loves the post!!
    I only got into makeup about a year ago or so... but became really passionate about it only few months back, maybe 6 months or so. So I'm a really really late bloomer in terms of when I actually started getting passionate and start collecting hahaha... I'm 22 this year!!

  4. haha..a childhood memory..=)) I have a theory now. If a mother likes make-up, the daughter or children would probably end up loving it too..
    But i grew up with a mother that doesn't wear much make-up. As far as I can remember, she only has one lipstick when I was a kid. Not that we couldn't afford it, but she just doesn't wear it much. I could probably find that exact lipstick now still unfinished. hehe..
    Back to the story, I got into make-up one day when a make-up store store attendant put on some eyeshadow for me. She wasn't a make-up artist though but I had a really good time rambling on and on about what color would suit what skintone. and going back and forth to the tester countertrying out more stuff. Since then, I could safely say that I am addicted to make-up ^^ It is such a fun thing to do.

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