August 24, 2010

Maybe... Just Maybe, Vote for Me?

Hi guys! Hope this has been a great Tuesday for you all! I just got off work, and am sliiightly exhausted, but when I saw this contest, I was like... YEAH! I gotta do it! So I saw this contest from Spiced Beauty (... love her) and she entered yesterday, and I decided to enter just now. I used the photo below for my entry, since it's one of my favorite looks since the lip color is so HOT! So maybe... JUST MAYBE... I was thinking some of you may vote for me? It would mean the world to me, and I promise I'll have another giveaway to honor my lovelies!

You can vote once a day, and I invite you to vote for me, as well as all of the other contestants!
Click HERE to vote!

Thanks Bubbas!


  1. I voted :) good luck beautiful!

  2. I voted!!! I love that lippie on you!

  3. i just voted =]
    im just just lovin you makeup blog, you just got a new follower.


  4. Will vote! Good luck sweetie!

  5. I have voted for you, good luck! ;)



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