August 28, 2010

I'm the Mama of my FIRST REBEL! + Makeup Pile?

Hellloooo pretty ladies! I've got uberly exciting news to share! I've been saving up for a while, cause I just couldn't justify buying a lot of makeup while I planned on splurging on this "product" I'm going to show you later in the post! When I initially began writing this blog about a year ago, I was using my old point and shoot camera which was the Sony Cybershot DSC-W30, and it was from 2006. It was 6.1 megapixels, and I pretty much hated the quality for the whole time I used it for the blog. The photos were blurry, noisey, and just... ugh. Very 2006.

So I decided to buy a new camera for the blog, AND youtube, so I decided on the Nikon L110 in April 2010. That one had 12.3 megapixels, HD video, and 15x zoom. But that one... I liked the quality of the videos, but DAMN! It recorded in .mov! Annoying as heck to edit, and took ages to convert the file formats! It didnt work with anything! It recorded in a nice 720p HD, but how is that gonna be useful if I can't convert the file? As for the photos... they were alright, but very noisey and weren't too much better than the P&S's from today. The good thing about that one was that it zoomed like mad, and took nice landscapes. But... my main purpose for a camera is the BLOG! It made my product photos grainy when flash isn't used. It just wasn't good enough... :(

So today... I'm proud to announce you with the newest member of the family! It's my new baby! Just kidding, it's a Canon Rebel XS DSLR. I've been debating on whether to get this or the Nikon D3000, but this one felt better in my hands and did everything I wanted. I'm by no means a pro, and in fact, I'm actually SO NOOB. The Xs is just a very basic entry-level DSLR, and perfect for me since I'm noob. I know Sam has a Canon Rebel Xsi, and I've honestly been in love with the quality of her photos for the longest time! I've read that the Xs is the baby brother of the Xsi, and I honestly didn't want to spend the extra 200$, so I settled for this one :) I already love it with all my heart and it's like my baby! This is the most I've EVER spent on a camera.. so wish me luck! I'm figuring out all the buttons and stuffies, so if the photos are blurry, I apologize!

SO... I remember not too long ago, Nat did a post regarding a makeup pile. Basically, it's almost like a method of making yourself face the reality that you have too much makeup! You know, when it's all nicely put together in you vanity, it surely doesn't look like a rediculous amount, but when you look at it all layed it, it's gigantic!


Mascaras + Eye Liners

Mascaras + Eye Liners + Primers + Cream Shadows

Mascaras + Eye Liners + Primers + Cream Shadows + Concealers

Mascaras + Eye Liners + Primers + Cream Shadows + Concealers + Pigments

Mascaras + Eye Liners + Primers + Cream Shadows + Concealers + Pigments + Foundations + Powder

Mascaras + Eye Liners + Primers + Cream Shadows + Concealers + Pigments + Foundations + Powder + Blush + Bronzers

Mascaras + Eye Liners + Primers + Cream Shadows + Concealers + Pigments + Foundations + Powder + Blush + Bronzers + Eyeshadows

Mascaras + Eye Liners + Primers + Cream Shadows + Concealers + Pigments + Foundations + Powder + Blush + Bronzers + Eyeshadows + Lippies

Okay so... the method worked. I actually believe that I'm beyond obsessed, and this obsession is costing a fortune! No more makeup for me! ... Lets Hope. I shouldn't buy so much especially since I just bought a camera!

PS. Do any of you guys use DSLRs? If so, please let me know any tips you've got!


  1. OMG!! That's a gigantic makeup pile LOL.

  2. wow! that's a lot of makeup when it's all piled up like that!! it's cool though... now, how was the clean up?? LOL

  3. Love how you add more make up in each photo!! i have the xsi for awhile and still learning how to use it but i gotta say i love the quality of pics that are taken from a dslr. the pics are beautiful :)

  4. Yay! Congrats! I had a Canon Rebel XSi, then I sold it and bought a Canon Rebel XTi (the upgraded that shoots HD video) and I love it!
    PS. That huge makeup pile must have took a bit to organize afterward!

  5. That is a big pile of makeup! heheh Do you use all of them regularly? :) I wish i had a camera like yours! Great investment :D

  6. whoaa thats a hectic pile!
    great camera, i want to save up for a dslr too :)

  7. OMG!!!
    Speechless..i refuse to lay mine out lol

  8. Great camera! I want to get a new camera as well!

    And wow, that's a lot of makeup XD Have fun putting them all back. LOL

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  10. wow nice camera! i'm thinking of buying a new digital camera with HD videoing but i just can't decide which to get :( so many brands to choose from

    haha i love the pictures of your make-up pile getting bigger and bigger

  11. i hope you don't mind, but i totally just used the photo of your makeup pile to convince my boyfriend that i'm good lol told him i'd stop once i reached that amount ( :

    btw any idea when the september mac sale is going to be ?

  12. What the heck!? Your pile of makeup really was actually kind of scary to see that too...LOL

    But yes, it really shows a lot when all your makeup is piled together...

    And nice camera by the way...hehe

    <33 Rena

  13. I want to get the Nikon D3000 for christmas & love that pile hahaha! xx

  14. That's ALOT of make up!!! I think its a good idea to stop myself from buying anymore make up!!

  15. Wow, firstly love the DSLR, I've been wanting to save up to buy one for a while, just recently upgraded to a Kodak Z950, which is pretty much the step before DSLR, but it still records in HD< which I thought was pretty cool.

    And to that make up pile, well I am jealous, lol.

    Maybe I will have a go at doing this - if you don't mind of course! My partner always says I have too much make up :) xx

  16. your camera looks pretty and fancy~
    and WOW i could not believe how the pile kept growing! haha.

  17. congrats on your new camera!!

    I do the makeup pile thing every once in awhile, it really helps to put things in perspective.

    Maybe a blog sale?..

  18. Yay!!! On your new camera!!! So this one records in what file?
    And look at that pile! hehehe... love how it kept growing =p

  19. I love this post! I love how you piled them up! You have a nice stash! Love everything you've got. I feel the same way too. I dont think I need anymore makeup. Maybe I should save so I can buy a new camera too.

  20. wow im never ever doing this!! lol im scared of what it might look like!! lol but u have an amazing collection!

    Im having a giveaway! be sure to check it out!

  21. I never used a camera like that but congrats! is very good, I like to have a well.
    You have so much makeup! Now I would like to me hahahaha.

  22. whoo hoo! awesome pile!! :) i have a canon rebel xsi! hehe



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