August 22, 2010

Deep in the Ocean

Hey Girls! I feel like an update is really needed because I feel like I haven't really updated for a really long time. My last post was about a week ago, but my last REAL post was maybe... almost 2 weeks? As you all know, I'm still on summer, but it barely feels like it. Basically, in the past two weeks, I've only been working, working, working, sleeping, boyfriend-ing, and ... thats pretty much it. I haven't had time to do ANYTHING... not shopping, not eating right, no nothing! Let alone makeup. I've barely been wearing makeup this summer! Which is why my skills are becoming slighty rusty. Please excuse if this look is a teeny bit unblended!

So I was looking at my MAC blues palette, and I just heard it crying in my ears cause it had gotten so little love lately. I've really only been wearing neutrals... so I felt the need to pull out some blues and make it hot!

GOSH Foundation Primer
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
Annabelle Powder Foundation
Annabelle Zebra Bronzer
NYX Angel Blush

MAC Greenstroke Paint Pot
MAC Brill, Haunting, and Strike A Pose Eyeshadow
NARS Thunderball Eyeshadow
MAC Shroom Eyeshadow
ELF Midnight Cream Liner
Covergirl Lash Blast
MAC Shy Girl Lipstick


  1. I simply adore the blues you used here! It looks very stormy and you wear these shades so well! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love this. Sexy and smokey. Beautiful!

  3. SO pretty, love it, welcome back! ;)

  4. Its looks so pretty! Love the color!

    Miss Nikka
    My Beauty Blog

  5. Love the color looks gorgeous.

  6. Great look, I like the makeup that you used, you looks great :)


  7. very very pretty :) your lashes are so amazing!

  8. this is gorgeous on you! btw Im mailing your package next week =)



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