July 8, 2010

Rihanna's Navy Cat Eyes

Hello my gorgeous ladies! Hope you're all enjoying the nice sunny day! It's super humid and crazy hot in Toronto right now so I'm trying to be inside as much as possible. I've already tanned like crazy! I think I've gone from an NC25 to maybe NC30/35 in the past week or so! But yeah... unfortunately I won't be getting sun anymore because I've just began my summer courses and they're kicking my ass. Great!

Okay no more blabber.. So this is likely the simpliest yet... more sophisticated looking EOTDs that I've posted in a while. I swear it's amazing for clubbing, and say you only have 10 minutes to get all your makeup on for a party, this is a great look to do! I understand that feeling cause I leave getting ready to the last minute and my boyfriend always rushes me, aha!

Products Used:
UDPP (set with translucent powder)
MAC Fly-By-Blu Pearlglide Liner
Urban Decay Glitter Liner in Distortion
Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara


  1. its supposed to be summer here in l.a. but its freezing cold lol. i'm not complaining though because i love the cold weather!

    by the way, this is a very pretty look :)

  2. Hii I just found your site through a google search for mascara reviews :) It's really great! Thanks for all the awesome content!

    This tutorial is great btw. I will totally try it for Saturday nights =) I live in the GTA so I know how hot it's been... I hope my makeup doesn't melt off my face!



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