July 10, 2010

How I Press My MAC Pigments WITHOUT Alcohol!

Hello lovely ladies! The weather in Toronto has FINALLY cooled off since the scorching hot past week! I'm actually getting the motivation to get my lazy ass out of the house since the weather's so nice lately. So last night when my boyfriend was with his guys, I decided to press my MAC Pigments since I've got 10 of them, and never use them because I find them to be inconvienient. I'm always so afraid of spilling them and wasting product! So I decided to press them :)

I saw a couple tutorials on youtube about how to press MAC pigments, but most of them use rubbing alcohol to mix the pigment which I personally find SO unsafe. Although they all say it's alright to put alcohol in your eyeshadows since they evaporate, I was still kinda iffy on it since this stuff is gonna go on my eyes!

So I thought of a substitute and something which every girl should have in her bathroom. Toner! YES! Just regular face toner! The stuff that you put on your face after cleansing? This stuff works! Since alcohol is an ingredient in facial toner, it'll help the eyeshadows to stay together. At least this stuff is MEANT for the face right? It has to be safe!

Your Pigment (I used Circa Plum)
An Empty Tin
Something to Mix the Pigment in
Bobby Pin
Facial Toner

1. Take about 10 scoops with the bobby pin and place it into a little pot that you can mix your pigment in.

2. Add about 6 or 7 drops of toner into the same pot with the pigment.

3. Mix the toner and pigment together until you get a pasty consistency, similar to the one in the second photo.

4. Pour the pigment into an empty tin pan, and shake it a little until it settles evenly, similar to the one in the second photo.

5. Let the pigment dry overnight, and the next morning, press down on it with a tissue and a quarter! It'll take the pattern of whatever you press it with :)

This is what it should look like! Not the same pigment, but these turned out quite welll

These are all the pigments that I pressed and I'm quite very proud of myself cause I spent a good 2 hours trying to figure out how to press all these pigments!
PS. I hauled some a bit of clothes/accessories today! Haul video up later tonight :)


  1. That's such a good idea!

    Lisa xx

  2. Great post! I got to know something new today. =)

  3. Amazing idea, and great pictures!
    I love this post Erica, thanks for inspiring me to get up and press my pigments soon... lol!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I always want to press my pigments :)

  5. thanks for the tip! where did you buy the tins from?

  6. I just need to find the pans, lol. Great news is I don't have to find rubbing alcohol now

  7. Thank you and I'm wondering if your toner has alcohol in it too?
    it is really useful,I might try it out :)


  8. Awesome! i never use mine either, since i'm such a klutz i don't want to spill them everywhere. I really like the toner idea, instead of alcohol!

  9. Great, I never wanted to use pure alcohol in my eyeshadow products, Thank you for sharing. =)



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