July 11, 2010

Concealeraholic: Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

'Concealeraholic' is a series starting from this post, and it's going to spotlight on concealers! I'm going to be doing several posts on different concealers and why I like, or don't like them! I'm a self-confessed concealeraholic cause I think I own over 10 concealers... and am always on the hunt for that PERFECT one that will cover everything!
Okay.. Today, I'm going to be featuring THE Amazing Concealer. Haha, before I bought this, I was like.. "If AMAZING is in the name, it must be amazing right?". Well, in a way I was correct. This covers honestly everything that the human eye can see. When I use this on my undereye bags, it almost erases everything, and yet still virtually invisible so you can't tell you're wearing concealer. Even the boy can't tell I'm wearing concealer, and since he's the one that ever gets an inch from my face, that's the real test! However, when I use it on places where it's not flat(aka, pimples, bumps, flakes) it seems to cover it all, but looks cakey. Lets see for ourselves!

Coverage: 10/10
This covers everything! For both my undereye circles, I just about a tiny flat drop. It's very opaque so a tiny bit is all you need!

Texture: 7.5/10
This is actually quite thick and sticky, which isn't my favourite but I think it contributes to why it covers so well. If you don't set it with a powder, I find that this rubs off on everything!

Lasting Power: 8/10
I wouldn't say this lasts all day, but definitely I can still see it at 3:00 if I applied it at 7:00 that morning. This definitely lasts a lot longer when set with a powder!

My Bare Eye

My Eye With Concealer

Set With Powder + Makeup

Eeek! Bare Nose with TONS of Redness!

All Covered, but a bit cakey

Price: 0/10
DAMN! This thing is just way overpriced. It regularly retails for $42US/$43CAD, and you get only 0.5fl.oz. No doubt that it'll last you forever nonetheless, this is probably one of the most expensive concealers out there.
Where to Buy:
Overall Rating: B+


  1. I want this concealer but I can't seem to match it right. I'll definitely look into it again.
    Great Post!

  2. don't mind me saying this, but i thought the first one is the pic with the concealer on without looking at the 2nd pic.
    you don't have much to cover up anyway in the first place.
    but it does looks nicer..
    $42US!!?? WAaaaAyy overpriced..U__U

  3. Have you tried the maybelline age defy concealer? It's the one with the highlighter on the other end. It isn't thick or cakey at all, doesn't crease either. I love it, but I think it's getting discontinued :/ not totally sure, but give it a try if you can find it.

  4. thanks for this review!! this is on my to try list, but i guess not for pimples now ;p just under-eyes :] thanks!

  5. Totallyyyy appreciate a concealer-centred series :) It's so important to find a good one!

    But seriously, 43 bucks!?!



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