April 4, 2010

My New LOVE.. or A New Camera (Nikon L110)

Hello my lovely ladies here :) I've got some good news to tell you! So I've been complaining here that my photo quality for the blog was too bad, and that I needed a new camera for ages. Especially now that I make youtube videos, I needed something a little better. So I got myself a Nikon L110, and I'm loving it :)

Nikon L110:
I saw this camera a few weeks ago, and it was really only released in February 2010. It's not a dSLR, but it's good for somebody like me who isn't very experienced in photography who wants to start somewhere! It's equiped with 15x ultra-zoom, and 720p HD recording! The price tag was real good, around 300$. I took some photos with it today! Here you go :)btw, none of them are edited!


  1. 300 bucks??? thats pretty cheap and the photo quality is really good ^_^

    youre making me want one too.

  2. love the quality! & thats a good price for a camera like that. :)

  3. Love it!!!! I'm obsessed with Nikon nowadays!

    Congrats and can't wait to see more pics :)

  4. Awesome awesome camera. Love the quality that it gives hun~ woohoo for photography!

  5. I just bought the L110 too so I surfed around for pix from users -- found your site. VERY nice stuff. Now I gotta take some pix, too. Thanks for sharing.

    john in boston



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