January 3, 2010

New Years Resolutions + Debuting the NEW Layout!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great NYE :) Mine went nice and quiet with my boyfriend and we stayed in watching movies. I hope for 2010 to be an even better year than 2009(though it wasn't that bad for me), and I've set myself a few guidelines to do :)

1. Get a new camera ASAP! The quality of my pictures are just frustrating me right now! I'm trying to get my blog to look more professional to give my followers a better experience! It's what you guys deserve. I think I'm looking into a beginner SLR, or at least something similar. I'm liking the price of the Fuji Finepix S1500!

2. Spend LESS money on beauty products cause this addiction is really getting out of hand! Last year I justified myself saying that this is all what i NEED, but the truth is, i can't really say that anymore!

3. Increase my school average by about 5% minimum. Atm, my marks aren't exactly bad, but just not as great as I'd like. I've currently got a low 80, so im looking into a mid-high 80 by the end of the semester!


I've changed the layout of my blog cause the old one was just starting to look a bit boring to me. Haha! Proves that I get bored of things pretty quick. I picked something simple so my blog would look less LOUD, and I made the banner myself :) Not too bad for beginner, IMO! Some of you might have noticed that my blog looked a little messy in the past day or two, this is why!

Simply because I don't like to do picture-less posts...

Excuse the REALLY bad webcam-quality lighting and sans makeup! I was just cosing up in living room while doing some last minute work while my mom cooks us dinner. LOL


  1. love the new layout, and great job on the banner! good luck on your resolutions and happy new decade!


  2. i love the new layout!
    its really cute but easy on the eyes
    i also don't enjoy pictureless blogs ahha

  3. great job on the banner! im impressed



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