December 29, 2009

Boxing Day Haul!

Hey girls! Again, I hope everyone had a grreat holiday! I know I did, and I know I definitely love those red hot tags displayed in every store on boxing day! Since I'm Canadian and here we don't have Black Friday, I tend to spend quite a bit on that day, ahaha. So here's what I bought, suprisingly not A LOT compared to usual! I didn't include clothing since I kinda have problems taking pictures of clothes.. so sad. But yeah, heres all the "beauty" stuff I got :)

- Tarte Treasure Chest
- Benefit Rush Hour Lipstick/Stain
- MAC Sandy B Lipstick
- MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick
- MAC 239 Brush
- NARS Essential Eyes Palette
- NARS Mini Lipgloss Duo in Sweet Dreams & Dolce Vita

Tarte Treasure Chest
Ah! A gift from my lovely aunt! She always knows what I like :) It comes with really pretty colors, and for 68$ CAD, I think it's a great deal. It comes with 16 shimmer eyeshadows, 16 matte eyeshadows, 16 lipsticks, a bronzer, a light pink highlighter, and 4 blushes. I love it!

NARS Essential Eyes Palette
I went to Sephora hoping to get either this or the Pleasures of Paris palette, but they only had this one available. So I snatched it asap! It's been sold out in my area for a while :( This palette comes with 5 gorgeous shadows in Nepal, Night Star, Galapagos, Ondine, and Thunderball. It also comes with a cream shadow in Unconditional Love; not sure how I feel about it yet.

L-R: Benefit Rush Hour in Sunberry, MAC Sandy B, MAC Viva Glam V, NARS Sweet Dreams, NARS Dolce Vita

Several Different Lippies
I don't know why, but lately, I've been so drawn to lippies! I think it's probably cause I don't own much lip stuff, and I want to try new things! My favourite here is the Benefit Rush Hour Lipstick cause it's actually SUPER creamy and pigmented. I'm sure all of you have seen the MAC Lipsticks cause they're pretty popular and many people have it. & the NARS Duo Lipgloss is so cute! It's super tiny and I think it's a great way to try out NARS Lipglosses :)

Super Tiny bit of Lush!
LUSH was actually SUPER cheap that day! Many things were priced at 3 for 1, and now I regret not getting more stuff. I only got 3 things; Rockstar Soap, Sexy Boy Massage Bar, Sexy Peel Soap. I have now developed a LOVE for the smell of LUSH products! I don't even want to use them anymore, I just wanna smell them!


  1. Great haul! Everything looks very nice. I tend to spend alot on Boxing Day too =P It would be great if Canada had Black Friday too =/ But it wouldn't be too great for my wallet. LOL

  2. wow great haul! black friday is really only good for electronics.. i havent ever found like clothes or beauty items that have been like slashed down to a crazy price.. nars is <3

  3. Sweet! Was there a sale at Sephora?

  4. omg this is soo coool :)

    im curious about the tarte palette. How is the quality and pigment of the eyeshadows?

  5. Becky: I think the pigmentation of the palette is amazing! The eyeshadows are up to par with MAC, and the highlighter is absolutely amazing. I haven't tried the lipsticks or blushes yet though!

  6. Cool stuff! We don't have Sephora or Lush where I live... I am so jealous of people who can go browse whenever they want. >.<

  7. I love the Tarte treasure chest!! Amazing colours!! I cant wait to geyt some bargains from Lush :) Ive been told to wait till mid Jan, and then theyll have all these 2 for 1 Gift Sets from Lush :) woop woop

  8. I wish the Lush in Australia would do more sales, I would definitely do a big haul from them!! Since I've recently developed an addiction to their products! And the smell.. aahh.. yuum.. =)

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. which sephora did you go to? i went to stc and their sephora barely had any sale, or maybe everything was just sold early :/

  10. I really like the Essential Eyes NARS pallette. Soo pretty!

  11. the lush sales in canada and the us are so much better than the UK!!!! rockstar is my FAVE lush product EVER!! it smells so fantastic!! xx

  12. The little NARS duo lipgloss is so cute and tiny :) Great haul! The NARS pallette is gorgeous, but I could never bring myself to spend that much on a pallette!

    xo Caitlin

  13. Great haul! Love the Tarte treasure chest, you could make so many wonderful looks with it!

  14. benefit rush hour is something i wana try soon...



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