August 27, 2009

I'm Back! & with a haul!

Hey guys! So I got back from my trip to New York, and it was pretty fun! We went to the Woodbury Common's outlet mall in Central Valley, NY, took a tour around Manhattan, & then boarded a cruise. Guess what?! I went to the CCO! This is my first time, cause I live in Canada, and there aren't any near me. I picked up a few things, cause I didn't want to go too crazy, so i could buy other things. Then the cruise was pretty fun too, tons of food, great service & so many fun things! But then the bus ride back to Toronto was so.. ugh. Overall, really good trip!

Here are some pics:

The ship I went on! It's called the "Carnival Triumph", it was sooo big, and had the nicest spa & gym :) I went there everyday for some exercise.

My family & I on top of the Rockefeller Centre, with all of Manhattan, New York behind us!

My mom & me in New York Times Square. So beautiful & with ton of people! I went to the Sephora there but didn't buy anything, since I've got Sephora in Toronto anyway.

My mom & me at the Captain's Dinner. I did her hair & makeup! She looked amazing!

Me & my gramps at the Captain's Dinner. My favourite guy ever!

My whole family!


Here's what I got:
Claire De Lune Eyeshadow (Moonbathe Collection)
Scene Eyeshadow
Greenstroke Paint Pot
Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Joyous Beauty Powder Blush
Stark Naked Beauty Powder Blush
Silly Girl Lipglass

Then... I went to the Juicy Couture Outlet, and got this bag & necklace!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. When I was in Manhattan, I passed by a CVS, and I had to go in. I see Michelle Phan using these brushes all the time, and they were only 15$! I had to have them.

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