August 10, 2011

CCO & New York City Haul

Hello theres, I just got home last night from a little getaway to New York City which was fun :) Not only did I visit New York City, I also dropped by Philadelphia and New Jersey! It was all stuffed into four days which was a little rushed, but it was definitely a great opportunity to shop like mad and catch a break from the madness in July. Anyways, I dropped by three different CCOs: The Crossings, Woodbury Commons, and Waterloo Premium Outlets! This time around I was a little disappointed with the CCO selection of stuff, but I guess the shoes and clothing selection makes up for it :)


DKNY Be Delicious Minis
SO ADORABLE! This set is just cute, to say the least. Be Delicious smells like fresh fruit on a hot summer day, and it's a great everyday school perfume to wear. Plus, these minis are the exact same bottle as the full sized Be Delicious perfume except tiny! I got these at the Woodbury Commons CCO!

Silent Treatment, Penny, Nutty

Wet and Wild Trio and Singles
I've got Wet and Wild back at home, but I couldn't find these specific singles and the duo! I'll admit, I got Penny and Nutty because they looked like dupes of stuff in my current collection, but they're SUPER PIGMENTED. I remember back in the middle school age, wet and wild was just the cheap stuff. Now, it's still cheap, but flipping amazing! I got these at the Walgreens in Times Square, when the sweetest boy told me I was pretty! :D

MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow
This is from MAC permanent collection and is a matte coral pink, and it's gorgeous! I think it packs enough of a coral punch to not make me look like I've got an eye infection, but still pink enough to be noticeable. I got this at the Waterloo Premium Outlet's CCO.

Hazel Eye Palette, Transforming Eye Cream, Retouching Cream, Volumizing Mascara

Eyes By Design Set
I've never heard of this brand before I got to this CCO, but I swatched the stuff and it was good! All this for $24, I thought it was a great deal. The best thing about this set is that it comes with an in depth instruction manual about some unique looks which is great for beginners. I got this set at The Crossings CCO.

MAC Hello Kitty Palette in Too Dolly
I saw these, and my breath nearly stopped. I got into MAC when this collection came out, almost two and a half years ago! I wasn't smart enough to buy anything from Hello Kitty when it first came out because I was still noob at MAC! However, later I knew that some of these palettes were going on ebay for nearly double their price, score! Too Dolly contains Yogurt, Romping, Too Dolly and Slately Black. I got this at Woodbury Commons CCO!

YSL Parisienne Eau De Toilette
This is my little gem, in it's little diamond cut bottle and tinted purple self! It smells like blackberries and sandalwood to me, and it's a lot younger smelling than I expected! Although I'm a little bit younger than it's target audience (20s-30s), I think it still works for anyone in their late teens to late twenties. I got this at the Sephora in Times Square, and it's the 90ml version.

Estee Lauder Soft Clean Hydrating Lotion
This looks and pours out like a watery texture, but believe it or not it applies like a serum! My Mom purchased some samples of this earlier and didn't realize until recently how moisturising it is, so we both snagged one each when we saw it for only $15. I got this at Waterloo's CCO.

Reflects Blackened Red, Dark Soul, Naked, Blue Brown, Jigs & Jives

MAC Tartan Tale Pigment Set
I don't remember the name of this one, but I'll admit, I got this set mainly for Naked Pigment. I've wanted that one for a while, and just haven't worked up the courage to spend full price on it! I'm probably going to press these pigments and put them into my palettes :) I got this at the Waterloo CCO.

That's all the beauty related things I purchased on my trip! I also picked up a few pairs of sandals and pumps from Nine West and some clothing at the Times Square Forever 21.

A Litte FYI: Addresses!
The Crossings Premium Outlets: 1000 Route 6111, Tannersville, Pennsylvania
Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets: 498 Red Apple Court, Central Valley, New York
Waterloo Premium Outlets: 655 State Route 318, Waterloo, New York

Hope you enjoyed my little haulie!


  1. what an AMAZING haul!!! i love the YSL frag it's so summery! and the little dkny perfumes, arn't they adorable! :)

  2. Incredible haul, girly!! =D I love Parsienne! I don't own it but it's a lovely scent! And look at all your makeup! YAY! You will be having tons of fun playing with all of these :)

  3. wow,. great haul... i love all the item you bought
    i want to try that YSL perfume too

  4. The little DKNY perfumes are too cute! Great haul!

  5. Nice haul, right in my area!
    I'm dying to try that Estee Lauder Lotion now lol.

  6. Great haul! Very jealous about the hello kitty palette

  7. ahhh im well jealous of the stuff you picked up. I want to go back to the US soon!

  8. this just made want to go shopping now =x! i need to go to a cco and pick up some goodies...not! ah beauty bloggers makes my wallet emtpy =(...great haul!

  9. No idea why I didn't follow you before Erica! Nice haul! =)

  10. Great haul! :) Love everything you got!

  11. Those WNW eyeshadows all look amazing, I will definitely have to pick up some one day!



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