January 22, 2011

My New Lipstick Box!

Hello ladies :) I'm currently in the midst of studying for a huge evaluation on Monday, hence the fact that I haven't posted much! Well, I figured that since I've been working at this whole studying thing for so long, I deserved myself a break. So I went to my "vanity" and began playing with lip products, just cause! I noticed that my lip drawer had been crying for more room lately so I thought of changing my lip storage simply because I was unhappy with my current, which took so long to find a certain product! So, after half an hour of searching around my house for something to temporarily store my lipsticks, this is what I came up with!

What do you girls think? It's just a box from one of my recent Sephora online orders, and I noticed how it works great for storing my lipsticks! But if unlike me, you own a ton of lipsticks, this probably won't work for you because it's rather small. Personally, I kinda like it because now I can clearly see the names and colors of all my lipsticks instead of having to feel around for the one I want! How do you girls store your lipsticks?


  1. That is a pretty neat idea! I only have about 15 lipsticks, so I just keep them in a little container in my makeup stand to keep them all together, but I am going to have to make a change soon... it's too hard to root through them all to find the one I want!

  2. That's such a great idea! my lipsticks are different sizes. some tend to be taller, and some shorter. but it would still work with this organization idea. thanks :D

  3. thats so neeeattttt!! i love it. i need to get more organized like you!

  4. Creative!! :) I love how neat it looks!!

  5. Yay for resuing!

    For my MAC lipsticks, I cut the box it comes into half and glue them together. and I store my lipsticks in it upside down so I can see the names and everything.



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