June 25, 2010

Annabelle Goodies + Mini Sephora Haul!

Hello my ever so lovely and beautiful girls! I've mentioned in my previous post that summer had JUST begun for me, and today I enjoyed my first FULL day of holiday! I've been so busy catching up with exams and everything lately, today is the first real day that I've relaxed and had time to myself. I'm actually planning a suprise party for my boyfriend since his birthday was June 16 and right before exams, we didn't have time to do anything for him! It's going to be the coming monday and I really hope this turns out well!

Something else that's happened... Some know that I won Michelle's Make Up Your Mama contest back in May! All I had to do was do a look on my mom, and you can see that in my blog archives. The prizes were AMAZING, and I got to choose $250 worth of Annabelle/Marcelle cosmetics and skincare! Annabelle and Marcelle are both Canadian brands, and being a Canadian myself, I decided to swatch everything at the drugstore first! Haha!

Benefit "Stay Put" Set
Wow! I found this cute little thing at the checkout part of Sephora when I was browsing, and being the first time I've been it, I had to have it! It was only 13$ and it contained tiny versions of the Stay Don't Stray Primer, Erase Paste in Medium, and a Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP. Considering the fact that I'll probably never finish any of these products in full size, this set is AMAZING!

Annabelle Custom Quad
I asked for mine to be in Ka-Ching, Divine Diva, Vanilla Chilla, and Ebony. Divine Diva reminds me soo much of MAC's Trax eyeshadow, and I'm dying to go swatch trax to see. Annabelle eyeshadows are soo very pigmented, and will last all day with a good base. I'm going to be giving away an identical custom quad with the same colors on my blog soon! Stay Tuned!

Annabelle Mineral Foundation & Marcelle Concealer Palette
I've been looking at the Mineral Foundation for a while whenever I drop by the drugstore, and it actually offers quite nice coverage! I haven't worn it out yet as I just recieved my stuff yesterday :) The concealer palette, is pretty much just freaking amazing, cept it's a teeny bit sheer. I swatched it in person, and it's actually the creamiest thing ever. Creamier than MAC, NARS...

Annabelle Le Gloss Sticks
These are basically a cross between a lipstick and a lipgloss. They offer much more color pigmentation that the average lipgloss, but a much more moisturizing yet sheer texture than a lipstick. These feel really nice on, almost like a tinted lip conditioner!

Annabelle Lipliners in Demure, Natural Rose, Burgundy, and Fuschia
I remember seeing a post about these from Xinarox, and I think she mentioned that Demure was similar to a certain MAC Lipliner.. Don't exactly remember which! But these are all nicely pigmented! Just wish they were a taaad creamier!

Annabelle Smudgeliners In OhmyGoth!, Electric Sapphire, Cyber Jungle, and Vortex Violet
Ah! I definitely heard about these from Jenn @ Spiced Beauty, one of the favourite Canadian Bloggers! These are all very long lasting, and don't move or budge unless you purposely try to remove them. I swatched them on my arm last night, and they're still there!

Annabelle Zebra Bronzer & Marcelle Eyeshadow in Polar

Vera Wang Princess & Viva La Juicy
I've wanted Viva la Juicy since it came out! However, I couldn't justify the price tag for a full bottle, since I'm not the type of person to spend $70 on a bottle of perfume. These were perfect for me! My boyfriend's gonna LOVE Viva la Juicy, since he's obsessed with my fruity smells. Vera Wang Princess is more flowery and sweet, nonetheless, I love them both!

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous
Another Mini! I got this on the display section next to the counter, and this was there for $12! This is sort of a cream foundation, but I've read that it gives very light coverage and feels lightweight. Sounds Promising!

All the Skincare Stuff for my Mama!
Since my mom was my model for the Contest, she pretty much won the thing for me! My mom's obsessed with skincare, and she was pretty impressed by the Marcelle Skincare Line. The Intense Anti-Aging Day and Night Care was sent to us for free! It won't be available on the market until August, and my Mom had the exclusive first try!
That's it for today ladies!


  1. Gorgeous items!! Congratulations on winning it! =)

  2. Congrats on winning lucky lucky! :]

    I have yet to try Annabelle products, I like is the states.

    Oooh a new beauty to go kit from Benefit. I got the older one with mini highbeam, that gal, benetint and some kind of gorgeous. I need to buy this one, its a great way to try out the product and if you like it, purchase the full size but your right, i dont think i can finish them in full size myself.

    Great goodies and haul! Have fun with them..Im sure you will. :]

  3. wowww congrats on winning it!! i gotta visit my sephora to find that mini size benefit powder

  4. awww thanks for the kind words <3

  5. Amazing! So glad you got your goodies! Thanks again for entering the contest!


  6. Nice Haul! I'm glad you got the Annabelle Lipliners....those are my favourite annabelle products. I also wanted to get that benefit mini set but that concealer was in medium and it didn't match me. =(

  7. Congrats on winning! Which Sephora did you go to get the Benefit set? I really want it! I live in Toronto, btw ;)

  8. l1lv: I purchased mine at the Sephora Fairview, but sadly it was the last one. They might restock though!

  9. Aw! Thanks anyways though! Have a good day :)

  10. Congrats on winning! You got such great items, enjoy them darling!

  11. Oh wow congrats for winning! That is one mighty pile of goodies ^^



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