January 11, 2010


Hello girls :) I'm gonna double this post as a little update post along with needing some advice. As some can tell, I'm slacking on the posting department right now. But exams are just around the corner :( I've got three exams this semester, and they're in about 2 weeks, back to back with one another. So for the next few weeks, it's all gonna be hard work and studying with my sweats :( I'm going shopping this weekend for a little release, so I do plan on hauling some stuff that I've been looking for. This comes to me needing some BAD advice for something!

SO, I've been wanting a smudgy, matte, taupey, brown liner lately. & I just can't decide on which one! I've been eye-ing these few, just tell me which one looks better! (or your personal experience)

Christian Dior Liner in Elegant Taupe

Loving the name and look of this one, but at $26.00, it's a tad out of wanted price range!

MAC Powerpoint Liner in Stubborn Brown (photo taken from lipglosseater.com)

I kinda like this one, but it seems a bit too brown and too similar to Teddy(which im going to get) just without the shimmer.

MAC Technakohl Liners in Earthline & Photogravure (photo taken from lipglosseater.com again)

Earthline looks like a lovely color, but just has a bit too much shimmer for what I want. Photogravure looks gorgeous and matte, but maybe a bit too dark.. Or am I just too picky? & at $17.50, the price definitely isn't bad, at least much less than Dior!

If you have an HG brown liner or any recommendations, please comment me and tell me!


  1. Are you in highschool?
    I know what you mean, I'm in HS and I'm stressed with all these last minute assignments and what not.

    I would reccomend looking into Annabelle!

  2. haha, yeah! i am.
    i'm in my last year. how about you?
    these last minute assignments are killer!

  3. Hmmmm I haven't tried any of these but by looking at them. I would get the Photogravure if the choice were up to me!!

    Oh and good luck on your exams doll!!

  4. i used to have photogravure and i loved it. it's darker than regular brown but not as harsh as black.

  5. good luck on your exams i myself like the first one the best even though it is a bit high

  6. Have you tried Urban Decay 24/7 liners? I have a mini one in brown and its staying power is a lot better than MAC Teddy.



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