November 1, 2009

My Halloween Looks & UPDATE!

hey guys! sorry that i havent updated in more than a week... life is getting more and more hectic! mid-term is almost here, and i must work hard right now. but even through all of this school work, i still managed to have a pretty good time on halloween; i'll never be too old to dress up! :)

just thought i'd show you some pics:

this first look i wore to the school halloween day. since halloween is on a saturday this year, we all dressed up the day before. i went for the whole... gothic chick look :) with the heavy eyeliner, blue eyes, and black clothing.

on day two, which was the actual halloween day, i decided to go simple and dress up as a black cat, which only required cat ears. my sweet mommy decided to make me some herself! so i didnt have to drive out there and buy my own. i did a simple cat eye with the same blue contacts, and neutral eyeshadow.


Update on soon to be posts:
I recently purchased a few products that I really like, which included a new HG concealer for me! SO I'll be doing a review on that. Also, I placed an order at cherry culture for some more NYX products, so that should be coming in soon.


One more thing, my 100 follower contest is ending on Thursday, November 5th! SO if you havent entered yet, go enter! I'm almost completely blown away that this contest has pretty much brought me to another milestone, 200 followers! I'm currently at 195, which I never thought I would ever reach. I still remember the day when I got my first follower, I was jumping around and around. Btw, I started a personal blog called: check it out!


  1. girl... your eyes are beautiful! and I love your costume + the curls!

    good luck on the mid-terms, hope you nail them all!


  2. cute costumes! i just finished midterms but i know how much work you're gonna have to do for them! goodluck :)

  3. Love the makeup and the costume. Rawr!

  4. aww I skipped halloween this year :/ but good luck with school, im wasting time instead of writing a paper :D

  5. love the whole look, especially the eyes- so perfectly defined! xo

  6. love the whole look.your eyes are gorgeous!

    not only do we both have a love for makeup, but my name is Erica too. Good luck with your exams. :)

  7. You eye look is so lovely!! & good luck with mid-terms!

    Can't wait until you review this HG concealer of yours! I'm always on the look out for good concealers! ^.^

    And congratz on getting 100+ followers, you are now at 200+!! At 8:52PM EST, you are at 204 followers! YAY!

    Follow me too?

  8. I nominated you for a blog award. You can find it here



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