October 24, 2009

MAC Holiday Collection Haul & FOTN

guys guys.. im sorry to say but this years holiday collection was quite the disappointment to me! i saved up and wanted to go all out for this years collection, but when i went to check it out... nothing excited me.. sadly. but one thing.. those mineralized eyeshadows were actually so good! they were pigmented, and didnt require foiling to get colour intensity. great! however, that 1/3 crescent part is basically complete crap.. its just glitter. but i guess i could foil that one to make it work. only picked up two MES, and two things from the permanent line.

heres what i got:

Under Your Spell MES, It's a Miracle MES, Date Night Dazzleglass, & Lovechild Lipglass

Under Your Spell & It's a Miracle

Date Night Dazzleglass on Lips

Lovechild Lipglass on Lips

& a face i did with some of the stuff!

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple
MAC Vex e/s
MAC It's a Miracle MES
MAC Deep Truth e/s
NYX Black e/s
MAC Feline Kohl Power
Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara


  1. I have lovechild as well, it's a very sophisticated lippie! Great for work

  2. I think this collection looks nicer on picture than in person. I went to go check them out and it turn me off, I think its the chunks of glitter. But the lipglass looks awesome on you.

  3. the under your spell e/s look pretty!

  4. i love love love the dazzleglass and lipglass! absolutely gorgeous!

  5. love the purple! it looks good on you! huge haul, loves....

    Have a lovely sunday!

  6. Wow I love both the lip glosses on you!! It's GORGEOUS

    & Love the FOTN too. The purples look so nice

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