July 24, 2010

Is It A Dupe? (Picture Heavy)

Hi guys! I'm on my last week of my 4 week long summer program... so I'm almost done and it's getting really hectic right now! So I apologize for the extreme lack of posts... as I try to blog as often as I can, but that usually results in a post a week. That's so shameful of me!

So last night after I got home from my boyfriend's house... I thought that I needed to do something to catch up with my blogger girls! I found a bunch of products which 'looked' alike with one being a drugstore product, and one being more expensive. So are they a dupe? We'll see!

NARS Orgasm, ELF Blush/Bronzer Duo, NARS Laguna

NARS Orgasm vs ELF Blush/Bronzer Duo

NARS Laguna vs. ELF Blush/Bronzer Duo

NARS Orgasm, ELF Blush/Bronzer Duo, NARS Laguna

NARS Orgasm vs. ELF Blusher Side
I wouldn't say these two are very similar actually. Orgasm has a lot more gold in it, and the pink doesn't show up as much on the skin. The ELF one is more pink toned and less golden/shimmery.

Is it a Dupe? Nope!

NARS Laguna vs. ELF Bronzer Side
In the pan, Laguna looks lighter and more finely milled. However, when these two are swatched, they look virtually identical and have the same perfect golden sheen without looking over the top.

Is it a Dupe? Yes!

MAC So Ceylon MSF, NYX Terracotta Blush

MAC So Ceylon MSF, NYX Terracotta Blush

MAC So Ceylon MSF vs. NYX Terracotta
These two look kind of different in the pan, with Terracotta being lighter and more rosey. So Ceylon is more finely milled, but these two are very similar in color on the skin, but Terracotta is a tad bit more orange. But since So Ceylon is LE, you could simply get Terracotta!

Is it a Dupe? Almost!

MAC Well Dressed Blush, NYX Angel Blush

MAC Well Dressed vs. NYX Angel
These two look very very very similar in the pan! Both of them are a pale milky baby pink, and both being extremely wearable. However, I think Angel is a bit more cool toned and doesn't work as well for us warm girls. But I love them both!

Is it a Dupe? Almost!

NYX Rust, Urban Decay Gash

NYX Rust vs. Urban Decay Gash
Both of these two are gorgeously pigmented and a strong red based copper color. I think these two are pretty much identical other than the fact that Rust has a tiny bit of purple, making it more wearable.

Is it a Dupe? YES!

MAC Henna Eyeshadow, Revlon Quad in Spring Moss

MAC Henna vs. Revlon Spring Moss
In the pan, these are IDENTICAL! For some reason, I really love Henna/Sumptuous Olive eyeshadows because they're both this.. gorgeous olivey green. I love the smoldering effect! However, these two are sadly nothing alike when watched. Henna is a lot more gold, and Spring Moss is more green.

Is it a Dupe? Not at all!

NARS Albatross Highlighter vs. Marcelle Eyeshadow in Polar

NARS Albatross vs. Marcelle in Polar
I actually got Polar BECAUSE I thought it looked like Albatross. They're both a white side with a golden sheen, while Albatross is more gold. Marcelle is less finely milled, but still REALLY pigmented!

Is it a Dupe? Almost!

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot, Benefit Stay Don't Stray

Soft Ochre, Stay Dont Stray, Painterly

Soft Ochre vs. Stay Don't Stray vs. Painterly
I noticed how these three are all skintoned primers, and my favourite has got to be Painterly cause it's closer to my skin tone, and seems creamier to me. Soft Ochre is the most yellow toned, with Painterly being pink toned. Stay Don't Stray is in between! Good for you neutral girls!

Is it a Dupe? Nope, but theyre similar!

RSVP, UDPP in Sin, Shimmersand

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP vs UDPP in Sin vs. MAC Shimmersand Shadestick
These all looked very similar, and in my opinion, I think they're pretty much the same thing. Theyre all a champagne color with shimmer, while Shimmersand is the most pink toned of the group!

Is it a dupe? YES!

Woow.. extremely long post. Did I bore you? I'm sure I'll be doing more of these posts, because I love looking at dupe posts and they can really help save money!



  1. Loved this post its great thankyou x

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  3. I love this post! It's extremely useful! It'll save me lots of money too!

    <33 Rena

  4. What a great idea, and very useful!

    Annnd... You have been awarded theI ♥ Your Blog AwardCongrats!

  5. This is a great post! Thank you for the info, very helpful!

  6. what a fantastic post! thanks for taking the time to do this :) so helpful!

  7. Not boring at all, really helpful! Thanks for the comparisons!

  8. Thanks for this post! After seeing Albatross swatched on your skin, I really really want it! It looks amazing on your skintone.

  9. Very useful post! Now I want terracotta blush

  10. Great post, I have the Milani blush that is a Orgasm dupe and it's pretty!

  11. Great post! Extremely helpful too! Thanks!


  12. Thanks for the post! Please do more of these.
    Happy Belated Canada Day!

  13. Came here to see the RSVP - Sin comparison, then I saw you used a Marcelle product so I was like oh cool, she's Canadian, AND THEN I see you signed the post "Erica" which is my name! Instant follow! :D


  14. Love this post! What is the name of the Elf bronzer/blush duo? they have a couple on their site and I have been after the NARS products but seeing the Elf I think I will save my money and try them!!


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