May 6, 2012

Massive Haul: NARS/Shiseido + Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sales

Hello ladies! It has really been a long time no talk. Not trying to give excuses or anything, but my family has been recently moving houses and I'm surprised there's just so much to do. Changing addresses, moving everything, connecting internet... etc. The other half of reason for not posting was just that I've gotten lazy; I sort of fell off the posting bandwagon and just didn't catch back on. Alright enough of that, the important thing is that I'm here now right? :)

 If you're a long time reader, you'd know I'm a huge warehouse sale go-er! The month of May has been wonderful to me so far; blessing me with both the NARS/Shiseido Warehouse Sale AND the Lisa's Cosmetics Sale all at the same time! Here's just a quickie background on the sales: Shiseido is a 3 day sale with Friday being invite only and Sat/Sun being open to public. Lisa's happens for three consecutive weekends and is always open to the public. These sales are both in Markham, Ontario (just where my parents happen to live, teehee) and offer crazy discounts! I went to Lisa's on Tuesday and Friday and Shiseido on Saturday.

A little Math:
I spent about $80 at the Shiseido Sale and about $70 at the Lisa's Sale which totals to $150, but all this stuff would've cost me $450 retail!

Goodies.... :D!

Revlon Hair Brush $3 from Lisa's

La Coupe Orgnx Shampoos $2 Each from Lisa's

Loreal Natural Match in Dark Brown $5 from Lisa's

Revlon Quads in Priceless Metals and Sunrise, Sunset $4 Each from Lisa's

Sally Hansen Face Wax and Hair Remover $1.50 each from Lisa's

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara $6 each from Lisa's *LOVES

Schwartzkopf Deep Conditioning Hair Mask $1 each from Lisa's

Marcelle Makeup Remover Wipes $5 from Lisa's

Joico K-Pak for Damaged Hair + Reconstructing Mask $8 from Shiseido

Sally Hansen Spray On Hair Remover + Pedicure in a Bottle $1.50 from Lisa's

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover and Pusher $2 from Lisa's

Sally Hansen Body Scrub $2 from Lisa's

Joico Reconstructing Mask $4 from Shiseido

Marcelle AC-Solution Set $4 from Lisa's

Joico Hairspray (such a pretty bottle) $3 from Shiseido

NARS Duo Shadows in Dogon, Exotic Dance and Rajasthan $10 Each from Shiseido

Evolve Shampoo and Colour Protectant $5 from Shiseido

La Coupe Curl Enhancing Mousse $3 from Lisa's

Joico Spiker Gel (for the boy) $5 from Lisa's

Annabelle Lipstain $6 from Lisa's

Revlon Break Up Nail Art $2.50 from Lisa's

B.E. Base Coat $2, Sally Hansen Top Coat $1 from Lisa's

Sally Hansen Polishes $1 Each from Lisas

Magnetic Polish $2.50, Sally Hansen $1 from Lisa's

Trivoli Polishes $1 Each from Lisa's

NARS Polishes in Desperado and Night Rider $5 Each from Shiseido

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Emulsion $32 from Shiseido (for mommy)

Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique Summer Perfume $25 from Shiseido

Shiseido Balanced Foundation $15 from Shiseido
Lastly, here are some photos I took while waiting in line! The first picture was about 30 minutes into the line, and the second was 1.5 hours later just before I got inside. As you can see, there were easily a few hundred people waiting in line before it even began! I thought I was crazy for going at 7:30 when the sale opens at 9. Guess I wasn't the only one!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little impromptu haul post. Hope to talk again! <3


  1. What a fantastic haul! Looks like you got some pretty amazing stuff :)

  2. You have great control~~ I couldn't help myself and spent way too much... but the Nars duos were simply too gorgeous to pass~~

  3. Wow thats a crazy haul! I went to Lisa's but not Shiseido seeing your haul kind of makes me wish I had gone, but the line for the Shiseido sale has just gotten way too long... can't justify it anymore... :(

  4. really great haul
    thats a lot of stuff..

  5. Wow, that's amazing line for warehouse sale. I am sure a lot of good stuff.

  6. Nice products and it's nice that you're back again! I really missed your posts! ;)

  7. Amazing haul, I also went to the sale and blogged, if you want to see.

  8. You got some nice things! I didn't attend either this time since I'm not in need for anything. I'll prob attend the Shiseido sale in November though (if I can that is).

  9. Great toiletries. Is nail polish brand NARS are good and long stick on nails? I will be grateful for your response

  10. hey nice stuff you got there..
    i live in toronto too and i miss this years sale...

    do you know when the next is?

    i really want to check it out..


  11. LOVE THIS! thank u for posting prices and separate pics of each product! good information for my toronto trip this spring

  12. Spring 2013 Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale! Hey everyone, this is going to be a quick post about an upcoming warehouse sale.

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