July 30, 2010

ELF Haul!

Hello my girlies! Happy Friday to all of you! I finished my summer course yesterday and I'm sooo glad to finally start my summer. I placed an order on the ELF site exactly a week ago, and my package arrived today! You might be able to notice.. I haven't had a haul in ALL of JULY! Are you proud of me? Haha! I promised my mom and boyfriend I would go on a makeup ban for the month, and I'm honestly happy to know that I accomplished it.

So there was this offer that if you spend more than $20, you get TEN mineral eyeshadows for free. YES TEN! I ordered some stuff that I was eye-ing for a while, and they're great. Oh btw, I'm heading down to Buffalo for some shopping this weekend, and wait to see my CCO Haul! I'm happy cause I found one about 2 hours away from my place!

ELF Liner Pens
I got these in 3 colors, Black, Coffee, and Plum. These work really well! My favourite is the Plum one because it has tons of pigmentation and is reaally opaque. The black one is generic, works well, and stays put. However, I'm disappointed with the Coffee one because it smudges and is kinda orangy!

ELF Studio Brushes
I got the Blush Brush because I've always been so uncaring towards my blush application. I really just use whatever I can find, and it works for me. As for the Concealer Brush, I got it mainly cause I needed something to use on other people, I don't wanna put my finger all up on their face! aha

ELF Mineral Eyeshadows
These were the ones I got for free! They're pretty average to me, but it makes them superior that they were free! Most of these eyeshadows are neutrals because ELF only has a limited amount of shades, but they offer a good amount of pigment!

ELF Brow Stencils & Natural Lashes
I wanted the stencils because I'm unhappy with the shape of my brows! Or maybe just to change them up for a bit... Haha! I've also heard a ton about the ELF Lashes and how much girls love them! Gotta try!

ELF Gotta Glow
This looks sooo sooo sooo much like NARS Albatross! I actually bought this because I wanted to compare it to Albatross.. I'll do a post with swatches later! I really like this, and can never have too many golden sheen! This is really pigmented also!

ELF All Over Color Sticks
I got mine in Spotlight and Persimmons. I've got to say I'm not impressed with these, they make alright cream blushes but that's about it. I find them to be too sticky and don't blend all that well... Or maybe I just gotta work with these!

ELF Translucent Powder
I bought this because I've gotten crrrrazy tan this summer... I started as an NC25, but now I'm a good NC35! But I find that this actually has color, similar to NC30 from MAC. I can still use this, but it's probably better for when I'm pale!

ELF Primer
This is the one from the regular line, not the mineral line. So this was 1$! I have the mineral primer aswell, and I'll do a comparison! I'm not too sure of how this works yet because I haven't used it.

Happy Friday Girls!

PS. I just reached 600 Followers! Thanks Y'all!


  1. elf doesnt ship to australia :(
    but great haul !
    got some really pretty stuff theree

  2. i love ELF!!! total sucker for their prices and deals! their products are pretty good! you've got some really good mineral shadows!

  3. Great haul!!! I love e.l.f. products.

  4. I love those eyeliner pens! they're amazing! can i make you jealous by saying my Target by my house sells elf? haha ;p

  5. can't wait to see your cco haul !

  6. That was a great deal! I'm interested in seeing how the ELF one compares to Nars Albatross.

  7. Great haul!! Love everything!! I really love their new studio line brushes! I have the powder brush but I think the head is falling off...probably due to my weird ways..=/


  8. Great haul missy. I had bought some ELF during their 60%off but I didnt know about their free mineral shadows..darn. haha! I also ordered the eyelid primer but out of stock at the moment. Looking forward for a review perhaps? Have a great weekend!

  9. nice haul! my ELF haul is coming as well :)

  10. Great haul! Cant wait to see swatches and comparisons :) xx

  11. I love ELF!
    Lovely haul :)

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