February 1, 2010

Hair Tutorial: Kardashian Inspired Soft Waves

Hey girlies! Today's my last day of holidays after exams, and tomorrow I've got to go back to school :( But yes, back to the point. I made a new tutorial today because my boyfriend is busy doing his boy duties with friends(EAT like a pig + video games), and I planned to spend my day in bed watching movies. But then I felt bad.. because my youtube channel had been lonely for more than a month! So this is what happened :)

It's just a very simple, soft, wavy look inspired by those HOT Kardashian sisters! It's very easy to do, and you only really need a curling iron for it!


  1. looks really beautiful! too bad i have short hair, can't try it...

  2. looks great! love it! just like the above poster, my hair isn't that long yet! but i'd love to try this if i could!

  3. your curls are GORGEOUS !!! wow

  4. how lovely, i have the same h&m sweater its my fav lol

  5. Great tutorial :)

    Lots of love,



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