January 28, 2010

On Lip Swatches: NYX Round Lipsticks

Yes! I wrote my third and final exam this morning, and now I'm just relaxing in bed with my laptop :) I decided to swatch my NYX Round Lipsticks on lips today cause I got these a while ago, but didn't really play with them that much! I really love these babies cause most of them are insanely pigmented and creamy. I know most of you girls have probably seen some of these already, but just thought I'd give them some love ;)

I've got 9 of them.
L-R: Iris, Thalia, Circe, Rea, Hermes, Indian Pink, Tea Rose, Medusa, Electra

NYX Iris:
A really pretty shimmery peach, but sadly kind of streaky. It will apply evenly, but does take some work. However, it has the same creamy texture as all of these have!

NYX Thalia:
A muted taupey plum colour, yet so subtle and a great way to add some colour without being dramatic!

NYX Circe:
Your basic nude, suitable for light-medium skintones! It's one of my favourites as it ALWAYS looks good in photos.

NYX Rea:
This one's a bit similar to Circe, cept a bit cooler toned and more brown. Good for the darker toned ladies!

NYX Hermes:
This is a pretty poopy brown. It sadly looks so bad on me, I guess I'm just too light for it. I can imagine this looking great on a darker skinned lady!

NYX Indian Pink:
A pretty medium toned pink with golden shimmer. Really Pretty! But sadly, with the same problem as Iris, just doesnt apply evenly right away!

NYX Tea Rose:
A creamy kinda bright pink, I wouldn't say this is too wearable, but it's so pretty!

NYX Medusa:
A vampy real purple colour, looks just alright on me, but not my favourite! It just has these little sparkles in it which im not really a fan of.

NYX Electra:
Ah! Gorgeous blood red! I think this is a orange toned red, and makes me lips look so sexy!

Where to buy?
I got most of mine at cherryculture.com, but I got a few of these at shopcraze.com(a wonderful place to get NYX for cheaper!)


  1. Wow! That red looks gorgeousss on you
    I really need to get some of these!

  2. I love NYX lippies and they look great on you. I agree, Circe is not for darker toned ladies. It looks horrid on me. Makes me look hungry, ashy lips are not cute! lol

  3. I love NYX round lipsticks too and I agree with Mz. More, that's how Honey looked on me, like I was dead...lol

  4. nice swatches sweetie! the iris one was the one i kept debating to buy since i have light lips, i didnt want it to be so sheer toned but it looks absolutely fab on you, now i'm gonna hafta buy it during my next NYX spree :)

  5. great job on all these swatches! I just followed your blog, I'm so glad I found it! haha

  6. nice swatches! i love the nyx round lipsticks. i have some of the same shades and they're really nice for the price.

  7. I just saw that ULTA sells NYX cosmetics in their stores. I wanted to buy some lipsticks but didn't know what they'd look like on me. This helps!

  8. Hellooo,

    WOW. Thats a lot of lippy!

    Don't forget to follow back, if your not already & also enter my competition to win 2 tickets to beauty UK show :)

    Lots of love,

  9. i have never tried NYX lippies... I need too, they all look lovely

  10. i LOVE the consistancy of their lipsticks.
    I always see tea rose in the store but for some reason pass it up! it looks really nice on you

  11. Thank you very much for the swatches. They are great to choose the right color if you are buying in Internet.
    I love most of them :)

  12. I love circe~ thanks for the swatches

  13. hey! im from your area, near the mac warehouse and iw as wondering where do you get ur nyx makeup? iuno anywhere that sells it here and sdm doesn't have it (haha i work there).



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