June 4, 2010

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul - June 2010

Hello girls! So on a day that my boyfriend is with his men... guess what I did? I went to the MAC Warehouse Sale! This is my third time going, and I'm getting so lucky these few times of sales. This time around, I thought the eye product selection was amazing, as there was a gazillion things to choose from, but a lot of them were glitters. Which I never purchase. However, I got a few eyeshadows cause I find that I have most of the pigments that were on display anyways... so yeah. Didn't bother with those! The face product selection was just alright, I already had most of the MSFs that they were selling, so I didn't bother with any of those.

I saw a looot of stuff from collections such as Rose Romance, Sugarsweet, and Style Warriors. I saw a few of the Dame Edna face powders which were gorgeous! Theres also a bit of stuff from Blonde Brunette Redhead, as well as Makeup Art Cosmetics! Also, this time they were selling some REAL rare stuff! Hello Lollipop Loving! I snatched it as soon as I saw it!

lets get started with the stuff...

woow it actually looks so little! but in real life, i still think it's a lot of stuff!

L-R: Femme Fi, Henna, Bitter, Aquavert, Violet Trance

Eyeshadows(9$ each):
This time around, all I picked up was eyeshadow! I used to love getting pigments cause I felt like they were such great deals, and they are! But considering fact that they're so inconvienient to use, I wanted eyeshadows! However, I almost had all the pigments at the sale that they offered, and there were some others, but not ones that I wanted badly!

Top to Bottom: Totally Unordinary, Phiff!, Sublime Shine

Top to Bottom: Lustrewhite, I forget HAHA, Honorable, Contessa, Splendid!

Lollipop Loving!

Lip Products(15$ BOGOF):
The lip products this time were $15 dollars each, buy one get one free. Last time's deal was muuuch better, but this time I found better stuff! Lollipop Loving was an absolute MUST HAVE, since I heard a ton about it from youtubers and bloggers, especially sanderlees! I'm happy I got the dazzleglass cremes cause theyre really pigmented and are so much better than normal dazzleglasses! I think the mini lipglasses are SO cute, especially since theyre 3$!

L-R: Summer Rose, Spectacle!, Light Medium/Shimmer

Some Randoms: Taupe Brow Pencil, Earth Tone MSB, Painterly Paint Pot, Take the Day Off

Face Stuff(12$ each):

I saw the packaging for the Dame Edna Compact, and I fell in love with it instantly! The powder itself says "highlight powder" but it's not that at all. I'd say its a golden peachy blush, and I love it! It's sooo smooth! Summer Rose's pattern captivated me, but I couldn't get myself to spend 30$ on it in stores! MSF Natural was just a backup, since mines almost done!

Nikon FM2
On a brighter note, my auntie knew I love photography, and I'm looking for a DSLR, she gave me her old Nikon FM2 from 1990! So this baby is 20 years old! I took a few shots with it yesterday and I'm loving it already! It's fully manual, so a good way to learn how to take real pictures!

& that's it for today m'loves!

Erica <3


  1. Thanks for posting so quickly! I'm going tomorrow morning, so thanks for the scoop :)

  2. serious makeup envy right now! i wish they had MAC warehouse sales where i liveeee! id go insane haha x

  3. Lovely haul !!
    I love the colors :)

    xoxo Kisses

  4. Amazing purchases! I'm sooo jealous right now :P
    Enjoy your stuffies hun!
    Tonia xx

  5. when your page started to load the word wow just came out of my mouth haha.thats a lot

  6. At first I read the title of the post wrong and thought that you were doing a blog sala and thought "OMG I WANT IT ALL" :D Great haul, lovely items!

  7. YAY! for your great haul! I didn't do much damage this time...love the stuff :)

  8. i went friday too :) do you like the lipglosses for the charity bag ? i absolutely think it's useless...who wear extremely glittery lipgloss and bright green eyeshadow ? =\ lol.
    it looks like your haul got smaller and smaller than previous warehouse hauls.
    hope you had fun !

  9. charlene ann: yeah, neither did i. many of the things were repeats!

    eleventh of april: yeah, theyre definitely getting smaller. usually, my targets for the sales are face powders and eye products, and i already had all the msfs they had to offer! and yeah, the charity package was pretty rediculous!

  10. I just came back today!! =D it was my first sale, and we lined up at 8:00 O dear hahah I love your haul!! i wanted to get Clinique's eye remover but they were all gone?!
    actually, i think a lot of the good stuff were sold out T-T better luck next time around hopefully <3

  11. Lovely Hun!
    I went today. I didn't go crazy this time :)

  12. oooh i went to the mac warehouse sale too!! went on saturday... had tickets for all 3 days buuut had work on friday, anddd just plain lazy today haha

    nice haul though!! i've yet to post mine... i thought the e/s quads and e/s singles were just okay this time around... the $3 bins we're looking lonely too... buuuut the lippie selection was awesome!! (not considering they doubled the price from 2 for $8 to 2 for $15... but still a good deal!!).

    bahhhh can't wait to go in september again lol.


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  14. Lovely haul~ and congrats on your new camera!!



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