May 9, 2010

Forever 21 Accessories Haul!

Hello my lovely ones, happy belated mothers day to you and your mommies! My mom and I had a wonderful day together yesterday as we made pancakes together in the morning and then went shopping together! I'm not gonna show the stuff she got today, but I managed to get a few things from Forever 21, primarily jewelry!

Owl Necklace; I saw a similar one on Dulce Candy's blog a while back, and I've been wanting one since! I love how it looks so vintage and the gold color compliments mosts outfits!

Eiffel Necklace: I'm wearing this right now and I think it's gorge! I've always dreamed of owning my very own puppy(my mom's allergic), as well as visiting France! I'm already planning a trip in two years to do a tour with my boyfriend all around Europe. I'm FOR SURE coming to the UK and France!

Flower Ring: OMG, I love the design of this cute ring that goes around two fingers, and it looks so adorable! This would go with a lot of different outfits!

Diamond Rings: These came in a pack of two, and I'm wearing them right now. I think these make some great everyday rings just to spice things up a bit!

Flower Studs: LOVE THESE! I'm wearing the darker ones right now, and I think I'm starting to get a little crazy for stud earrings!

A bunch of studs! They're so adorable!

& that's it for today ladies!
Loves, Erica


  1. Love the haul! I love stud earrings too, more then dangling ones.

  2. You should visit Primark when you come to the UK, it's quite similar to Forever 21. I love the poodles!

  3. I buy jewelry every time I go to Forever 21- they have the best jewelry, and so cheap too! cute stuff

  4. I love the haul, I think Forever 21 is the best for the cutest jewelry. Some of my favorite jewelry pieces are from there.

  5. Nice haul, you got a lot of cute pieces!

    This is going to sound like such a rude/prude question, but I remember you mentioning that theres a Forever 21 in STC or Farview mall, and that thats the one you go to - how do you feel about shopping there?

    There's a F21 opening in Bramalea, and as much as I would LOVE it, I kind of don't want a F21 cause I know SO many girls would be rocking stuff from there, know what I mean?

    Maybe it's just me, haha.

  6. Wow..Nice forever 21 hauls..I love the diamond rings and cute earring..=)..

  7. I love those studs!!! I always buy studs but never put my hair up lol

    great post!

  8. I love f21 accessories, affordable and cute!

    I want that ring! The 3 black flower double ring! :] Suppper cute!



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