April 29, 2010

Lipstick Army!

Hello beautiful ladies :) Today's just another regular thursday for me as i'm trying to get used to Sony Vegas to edit my video so I can get something onto youtube tonight! But it's kind of difficult since I'm not used to it, and my boyfriend's teasing me for being a noob. LOL!

So I'm gonna show you my ENTIRE lipstick collection, and it's pretty dang small compared to a million other bloggers that I can think about. Ahem Michelle?(Lipstick Rules) Gosh I want everything she has!

MAC Lipsticks:

L-R: Embraceable, High Tea, Brave New Bronze, Hipster, Viva Glam V, Way to Love, Capricious(my poor smashed up baby!), Shy Girl, Creme Cup, Sandy B, Viva Glam Gaga

The Randoms:

L-R: GOSH Darling, NARS Blonde Venus, NARS Cruising, Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Peach Collada, and Plum Wine

NYX Rounds!

L-R: Orange Soda, Medusa, Circe, Power, Iris, Rea

L-R: Strawberry Milk, Tea Rose, Electra, (I forgot, LOL), Indian Pink, Thalia

and that`s it for all my lipsticks!

btw, i`ve got a question to ask you girls. i really want to haul some clothes since i feel like my styles been a bit blah lately. what site do you guys recommend? what are your favourite stores? let me know where you recommend! it can be anywhere in the world! as long as they ship to canada ofcourse, lol

that`s it for today loves,



  1. Aaw thanks for the shout-out LOL! ;-)

    This is a pretty impressive army still. Love all the colours.

    In terms of style blogs, I love this one:


  2. your lipsticks are definitely way much more than mine! haha.. and you have all 3 mac lipsticks that i own :D

  3. that's a lot of lipsticks. i think that's more than me ! =P


  4. eh pretty small?
    woman please lol
    they're all beautiful, I like your choices! It's something I would go for.


  5. That is so many lipsticks! I own maybe 8 and even then I think it's too much. How do you wear them all?

  6. Wow, so many! Definitely wayyy more than what I have haha.



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