December 5, 2009

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

Girls! The sale went AMAZING! I think I went pretty crazy there... and I did spend a lot of money. I think it's all worth it, cause I calculated the total price here if I were to buy it in store, and it came to a whopping $530! I spent less than half of that amount and got all of this amazing stuff. For those who aren't aware about this MAC Warehouse Sale, click here for all the details.

lets get to the haul baby!

L-R: Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass, Eurobeat Dazzleglass, Baby Sparks Dazzleglass, Crazy Haute Lipglass, Secret Crush See Thru Lip Colour, & Loving Touch See Thru Lip Colour

L-R: Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush, X-Rocks Blush, Clinique High Impact Mascara

L-R: #20 Lashes, Studio Touch-Up Stick in NC20, Select Cover-Up in NW20, Select Sheer/Loose Powder in NC20

L-R: Steel Blue Pigment, Golden Olive Pigment, Chocolate Brown Pigment, Rushmetal Pigment, Circa Plum Pigment.
Bottom Row: Soft Force Eyeshadow, Top Knot Eyeshadow.

Clockwise from Top Right: Petticoat MSF, So Ceylon MSF, Sunny By Nature MSF, Light Flush MSF


by the way... guys, I made a haul video and posted it on youtube. i've been thinking for a while whether to do tutorials on youtube or not, so i guess this is a start. maybe i'll start posting videos regularly :)


  1. Great haul! You got alot of MAC goodies!! I would get super excited too if I went to the Warehouse! =P

  2. hey all the goodies you got...=) & the donation pack was totally worth it uh? $5 you can't go wrong with that =D i just tried Petticoat MSF & so far im likin it...glad you had a great time at the sale...still gotta do my post on the sale as well...=D

  3. Wow awesome stuff! I love Petticoat MSF, what a lucky find! Did you have to go very early to line up?

  4. nope! i went at around 6PM that day, and most of the stuff I wanted was still in stock!

  5. Awesome haul...I wish they did this in USA. Your too lucky.

  6. great haul! hehe.. so nice so far me no try any MAC

  7. you go to the one at markham fairgrounds ? how do you get tickets ? ) :

  8. omg!!thats a lot of mac!i wont say im jealous but i am ahaha.if only they have thos kind of outlet here in my country

  9. Bet you had a great day! Looks like it!! :) Emma

  10. ahh you're so pretty and i love your haul! you should really consider doing more videos i know i would definitely watch you :)

  11. OmG! You got TONS of stuff...I am SO jealous!
    ENJOY it girl...lucky you!

  12. yay for the macness! great job girl!

  13. hey i'm not sure if the water comes out like a spray, but if it does, you can use it to set your makeup. I use spray water all the time, right now i'm using the one by Vichy. After applying makeup, lightly spritz face and let dry, it will absorb all the makeup into your skin and help to set it for longer wear. try it and let me know! =)

  14. I die!!!!!! Yes we have CCO, but it's not a 50% dsct! I would save my money every 3 months to go here...but it's invite only and no one would ever invite me, lol. Great haul, hun!!! I'm glad you took advantage of it!

    @Monica I have heard of that, it's been forever since someone else talked about it!



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