November 11, 2009

New Winner for 100 Follower Giveaway

Unfortunately, I did not recieve any contact information from the previous winner, so I have to choose another winner for my giveaway. If it doesn't work out this time... then maybe I should just permanently stop doing giveaways.

The new winner is Lisa from Sparkle is my Crack! Please Please Pleeease email me within 48 hours with your shipping information, and which lipsticks you want! Congrats girl! I'm a follower of yours!

Again, thank you all for still reading my blog and supporting me! As I have mentioned before, I made a new blog under the same account for only personal stuff, so if you're interested; check it out! It's called "The Real Erica".


  1. Wow!! Thank you so so so much! I can't believe it!!

    I'm off to email you doll XD

  2. Erica I left you email twice when you announce the winner I even lect a comment under the winnings, you didn't reply to me.

  3. Yup something is not going right with your email. As I sent a email to you Monday and another Tuesday since you didn't reply but I'm sure you saw that I comment asap on the winning. My email is: Kimmydadiva_blog[at]yahoo[dot]com

  4. Yeah, I saw the comment to the first post. But I checked my email several times throughout the next few days. I'm sure something was in the way between the emails. I apologize, but I really cannot reverse the results anymore. I'm sorry.

  5. Oh well. My loss, but I had emailed twice though.

  6. Congratz to the new winner. Enjoy all the wonderful NYX Lippies. Lisa Kate, you're so lucky! I'd die if I was able to try NYX Round Lipsticks! LOL

    Follow me?

  7. omg wow! LK you are on a winning roll!!!!!!

  8. yep, i got it.
    i'm going to place the order real soon! i'll get back to you with the email :)

  9. damn, what a mix up... tsk...

    don't worry @rayqueenbee, there're more giveaways

    congrats @Lisa Kate



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