November 20, 2009

Barbie Pink NOTW & MAC Warehouse Sale Tickets!

Chyeeeeeeah. it's about time i started blogging again. should i start blogging more often? sometimes i try to, but i just don't really know what to say. but yeeeah, i finally came up with SOMETHING.

so these are my nails of the weeek. nothing amazingly special, but i'm just IN LOVE with the color. it's a creamy barbie pink with no shimmer at all. i looove it so much! I used Essie's Mod Squad Nail Polish with Loreal's Top Coat on top of it. the topcoat is also amazing because it gives it amazing shine, and the shine doesnt just go away! it prevented my polish from chipping for 5 days straight, and the shines staaays!

i've gotten my little hands on tickets to the upcoming MAC warehouse sale in december! for those who don't know what the sale is all about; it's a warehouse sale that takes place in Markham, Ontario, Canada, on the Markham Fairgrounds.(so freaking close to my place!) yeah.. i do live in markham. The sale carries Estee Lauder Brands(aka, MAC/Clinique) at a CRRAZY discounted price. This is the first time I've been able to get a ticket, and btw, the sale is invite ONLY, and you can't buy tickets at the door. I got my ticket from makeupjunkie0 on youtube(my fellooow toronto girl), but i doubt she has any left. The sale takes place for 3 days, and is hosted once every three months. This year it's Friday, December 4, Saturday December 5th, and Sunday December 6th. I'm going on friday! I'm super excited because everything's gonna be available, but unfortunately i can't go until 4pm.. but thats okay! i don't know if there's any other sale like this in the states, but you guys have CCOs !

pics of the tickets:


  1. wow have fun at the mac warehouse! that sounds like a dream come true, hehe.

  2. i love the pink! so bright and fun ^^

  3. Love the pink nails too by the way, u look gorgeous in ur header^^

  4. Cool.. Cant wait to see the posts!! Emma :)

  5. That sale sounds amazing, can't wait to see your haul!

  6. congrats on getting the tickets! can't wait to see your haul on it!

  7. have fun @ the MAC sale...I am SO jealous girl!
    pile up on the goods!

  8. i love the pink nailpolish
    i have a nudeish nailpolish on right now, maybe next time ill try a pink :)
    and damn so lucky with the sale!

  9. just recently followed...can't wait to see your mac warehouse sale haul =)...i still have to go through my goodies hehe...hope your enjoyed the sale <3



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