October 10, 2009

Yay 100 Followers! & Sephora Haul

so i randomly went on blogger this morning and saw that i reached 100 followers! haha, ive already thought of a contest, and ill most likely post it up within a few days. i actually thought my blog wasnt all too interesting since almost no one comments, lool. but it really made my day :)

so lets get to the haul.
my boyfriend & i went shopping for a winter coat for him, since its starting to get cold in canada here. but after we bought his jacket, i went to sephora and mac to browse as i usually do, but i dont buy anything unless i plan to that day. when we got there, my boyfriend pretty much said "happy early eight months, you can buy whatever you want." my jaw just dropped.. i ended up getting two things that ive been eyeing for a while. at first i told him i didnt want anything since i wasnt planning on spending, and i didnt wanna waste too much of his money. but he insisted hed buy me something, and refused to leave until i chose something that i wanted. he knew me too well, haha. hes just too sweet :)

l-r: Zero, 1999, Flipside, Mildew(New Colour), and Distortion

i got the Hi-Fi 24/7 Liner set, and a NARS Orgasm Blush(i know im late into the game!) haha, this is my first NARS blush, since i've only recently gotten into the whole blush phase :) i love it! im sure you all know about it, but i think im definitely going to get more NARS blushes. im looking at Outlaw and Desire right now :)


  1. congrats on 100 followers!!

    NARS is awesome but the orgasm blush doesn't look that good on my skin tone.

  2. aw that is sooo sweet!

    I still don't have any NARS in my collection either, so you aren't the latest! I already have Coralista from Benefit which is very similar to Orgasm, but I'm thinking about Angelika or Deep Throat

  3. hey girl

    congrats on reaching 100 followers and that blush is one of my favorite too.

    and btw im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

  4. aww how sweet of your bf to get you presents. :) the blush is lovely. :)

  5. great haul & swatches :D
    and congrats on your followers! xo



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