November 30, 2011

Teal Eyebawls + Sephora Haul

Happy Wednesday Girlies! Errrr, well maybe not. Dang that mid-week crisis. So anyway, I've been bad once again, but mentioned to gather a little something to put for the blog! By the way, who else watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show yesterday? I swear every time I watch the show, I always feel a sudden need to go on some crazy diet, but oh wells! I'll never grow to be six-feet tall! The other day I found some time to throw together some teal eyebawls before going out to dinner and they turned out surprisingly okay so I took some photos for y'alls!

Products Used:
NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base
Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #2
Joe Fresh Eyeshadow in Gold Rush
MAC Teal Pigment
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Black Gel Liner (surprisingly awesome for only $1.50!)
Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara

My friend Priscilla recently had an interview for a full scholarship for a course at a local beauty school, so she asked me to go the makeup and hair! She randomly chose some items from my closet and put together an outfit; quite appropriate for an interview I'd say! I airbrushed her face with my Dinair system and used MAC Mauve Pigment, Fig.1 Eyeshadow and Vex on her eyelids along with Earth to Earth Mineralized Blush and OCC's Pageant Lip Tar.

Guess Heels:
I dropped by the mall with A MEGA HUGE amount of people and found these babies! I found these at Winners, in my size, with two other ladies staring at them in my hands so how could I pass? I love red hot heels, and these are AHMAZING.

Nude Pumps:
I call these my "casual heels". I've already got a pair of nude heels, but I almost felt as though they were a little too dressy. The wooden heels make them look super casual. I wore these out today with jeans and a cardigan and they looks awesome! I got these for $30 at a store called "Sterling".

Well then I popped into Sephora...

Sephora's Give Me Some Lip Deluxe Kit

Samples! My birthday gift from Sephora and a mini Makeup Forever Lab Shine Lipgloss in #52!

Amika's Mini Leopard Styler! Sooo adorable!

Korres' Pomegranate Lip Butter and Lip Butter Glaze Set!

My 500 point perk! It include a Mini Badgal Lash, Mini Thatgal Primer and a full size Dandelion Blush!

Thats it for today girlfriends! Happy Wednesday!


  1. haha, I never watch those fashion shows because I'll start hating on how I'm not 6 feet tall and with perfect bodies! LOL :p

    I love your eyes!

  2. I watched the show and couldn't get over how pretty they all were. -siiigh- lol. It was definitely a plus seeing Orlando and Adam there too, though. hehe.

    Great post!! Hope your friend got the scholarship! ^^

  3. aahhh you definitely snagged yourself some great stuff :)

  4. Love the look! I always end up getting inspiration from all the looks you post :)

    I love the shoes as well, I'm a hugeeeee nude shoe lover.

  5. So long since you last posted, please keep writing your blog! I really like reading it <3

  6. pretty eye make up!
    follow back my blog:)

  7. hey there! I nominated you for the top 10 award on my blog! I hope you will come and grab your badge!

  8. Hey Erica! Thanks for dropping by. Thankfully New Years wasn't cold, so it wasn't chilly at all when I was at Nathan Philips Square :D

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