June 15, 2010

My MAC Paint Pots + NARS Albatross Drugstore Dupe!

Hello my beauties, I am unfortunately recovering from a cold today so I missed school, and I'm in quite a bit of trouble because I've got an oral exam today, therefore I had to get a doctors note. Fortunately, the cold isn't any too bad and I'll manage to get back on my feet by tomorrow morning :) I've got to do a huge presentation tomorrow and I'm nervous! Any got some tips on overcoming fears of public speaking?
Anywho, lets get on to the point of this post. Over time, I've realized that I've collected a few of MAC's Paint Pots, and although I don't think it's a lot, it's more than some might deem as "necessary". However, I loooove MAC Paint Pots, and the ones that I use the most currently are Painterly and Rubenesque.

Soft Ochre, Painterly

Groundwork, Perky

Rubenesque, Greenstroke

Revlon Creme Shadows in Copper Canyon VS NARS Albatross
The HUGE difference between the two is that Copper Canyon is a cream shadow, and Albatross is in powder form. Otherwise, I'd say these two are pretty similar, while Copper Canyon is more white, and Albatross is more gold and muted. If you don't want to splurge the $26US/$30CAD price for Albatross, Copper Canyon is a nice dupe!


  1. love your paintpot collection!
    i only have perky but i find it hard to find ways to way it?
    are we just supposed to use them as bases?

  2. ooOoo.. that is paintpot heaven!!! u have a lot girl!! I'm so jealous! the Perky one looks nice! is that from the Pret-A-Papier collection?? or is that a different peachy one?! I only have Painterly & I love it.. but I'd love to have Rubenesque too

    btw, just wanted to say thank you for stoppin by & followin my blog.... I appreciate it! =)

  3. NARS Albatross looks nice. It almost like MAC Vanilla pigment. Will check the Nars product when i have a chance... Thanks!

  4. I love paint pots, too! They are necessities :) MAC used to have a purple paint pot and a green one, too. Now, they stick to flesh tones with the exception of Delft. I hope you'll feel better soon.

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