June 12, 2010

Mini MAC/Sephora Haul + FOTD!

Hello my lovely ladies! I'm sorry I really haven't been able to post lately, cause exams are this week and next week for me, and this will likely be the last post until I'm done with exams. I've been feeling a bit stressed lately, since it's no longer fun and games at school, I've got to work for the next few years!

I actually have a topic that I've been wanting to talk about. I'm still at the age where I'm unsure what I want to do after graduation from uni; but I've actually just discovered what career path I wish to take! I had a nice talk with my friend who's a couple years older than me, who completely inspired me to do what I want. As a makeup junkie, becoming a professional makeup artist would obviously be the career I wish to accomplish the most, but also doesn't fulfill the requirements of my dad; who wishes me to become something more "money making"; yeah right. So now, I've thought of the perfect career that would make me, as well as my parents happy. I want to become a Plastic Surgeon. This career will follow my dreams of making others beautiful, AND it's something that I already enjoy watching during my free time! I understand that the road to this career is uneasy, but I'm willing to work for it.


NARS Albatross!
Okay.. I've been wanting it for the longest time. The pictures do this beauty no justice! It's a beautiful highlighter which I believe is absolutely perfect; the beautiful gold pearl that just captivates me even as an eyeshadow! Albatross looks like a boring white powder in the pan, but it's much more and gives such a natural glow that doesn't make you look oily or greasy. The story behind this is so sad, haha! So I was dropping by Fairview Mall today and I heard there was a NARS counter there, and since Albatross isn't carried at Canadian Sephora stores, I was anxious to check it out at the NARS counter. I was just going to swatch it and leave, then the MUA comes out and offers to put it on me! Then I impulsively purchased it. My life is so sad.

Makeup Forever HD Primer in 0 Transparent:
Some might remember that I was given a sample of this when at Sephora when I bought my HD Foundation a while back, and I've been using the HUGE sample the MUA gave me! It lasted me a good month or so, and that was amazing. I can just imagine how long this full size bottle will last me! YES! So I was using my primer, and I noticed how great this kept on my makeup during those few crazy weeks of humidity in Toronto. My makeup not only wasn't oily, but my concealer also stayed on the entire day! MUST HAVE!

MAC Eyeshadow in Haunting:
I got this from a MAC Warehouse Sale charity bag swap with another girl, and I'm not too sure which collection this came out with. I remember reading from temptalia and this might be from Makeup Art Cosmetics? But yeah, this is a pretty satin-y aqua blue and it has some nice little flecks of blue shimmer in it!

MAC Lipglass in Pret a Papier:
I also recieved this in the charity pack swap, and wow! I can't believe they had stuff from such recent collections! I think Pret A Papier only came out in April, and I didn't purchase anything from that collection because I guess I just wasn't into the packaging, LOL. This is an absolutely red/berry shade with shimmer, and reminds me of a dazzleglass creme in amorous!

MAC Lustreglass in Lustrewhite and Impeccable Brow Pencil in Taupe
These are just some extra stuffies that I recieved in my swap, and I've already got these in my own pack! Lustrewhite is really only a clear lipglass some some sparkle, and Taupe fits my eye brows perfectly!

Now the for the FOTD:

Products Used:
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Femme Fi Eyeshadow
NARS Ondine Eyeshadow
MAC Violet Trance Eyeshadow
MAC Beauty Marked Eyeshadow
MAC Macroviolet Fluidline
Loreal Extra Volume Collegen Mascara

& that's it for today my beauties!

tons of love,

Erica <3>


  1. Albatros is so pretty. Its on my wishlist and will purchase next. :D

  2. do you sand down your face? I SWEAR you have the best skin ever


  3. very pretty eye blending skills!

  4. love the fotd! lovely blending :) the nars looook gorgeous

  5. ooh gorgeous pics and albatross is so pretty! good luck on the career path, it's a great goal.

  6. LOL This is so funny. I was just reading your blog, and I was like "hey, I had that same charity bag," then I realized you're the girl I swapped it to! I like your blog BTW, I've had it bookmarked from before. I wish I had known it was you I was swapping with :) Sorry I was in a crappy mood that day, just wanted to get home and shower after the gym. Anyway, I just thought I'd leave a note.



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