May 26, 2010

Sally's Beauty Supply Haul

Hello my beautiful ladies! The weather here in Toronto is awful right now! When you look outside, it looks like a perfect and gorgeous sunny day, but it's actually close to 40 degrees Celsius and it's humid as heck! Nothing like typical Canadian weather! It's actually so bad here right now, I'm sure many of my fellow Canadian ladies would agree. I'm looking into investing in a good foundation primer just to stop my makeup from melting off my face! Is the MUFE HD Primer any good? I had a sample of the clear one, but I'm interested in the purple one!

Okay, so more relevant to this post, a new Sally's opened next to my house! It made my day, cause I was driving by this new plaza that I rarely go to, and I saw a SALLYS! So I made a special trip there a couple days ago and I picked up a few things! If you subscribed to me on youtube then you would've already seen this haul... But here's some extra swatches!

Sally's Girl Baked Eyeshadows

I can't exactly tell you guys the name of these, cause they don't have names on the packaging. But I can say that these are really good! I don't necessarily think that they measure up to MAC or anything, but come on, these are like 99 cents! These are really smooth, and have a really nice shimmer to them. They remind me of the MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows, but these are just a bit lacking in pigmentation.

Queenee Helene Mint Julep Scrub

I've been wanting this for such a long time! I never knew that Sallys carried Queene Helene products so I never looked for them at the other Sallys I went to! I first heard about this from allthatglitters21, and I haven't tried this yet; probably gonna try it right after a nice shower tonight!

Baptiste Dry Shampoos

This is my 3rd bottle of the dry shampoo, and it's my HG! I don't like washing my hair every single day because it takes a lot of time to style, and it's also very damaging! I love the original formula because it soaks up ALL the oil, and gives me tons of volume! I don't think the colored version is as good because I just don't feel like it soaks up oil so well!

One N' Only Argan Oil

I read about this first from Zerin at Xinarox, and she did a review saying it was really good for her ethnic hair, and I think this is quite a nice product! It performs just as well as my CHI Silk Infusion, but it's MUCH cheaper! I have the 12 oz. and it's about 26$ Canadian, but this is just 13$!

Kay girls... I should go back to writing my essay! Hope to talk to you guys soon again!

Love, Ericaaa


  1. Ohh those shadows look pretty good for 99 cents!

  2. Those sally girl eyeshadows are really cute, have you tried using them wet?

    I knowwwww what you mean about the weather, it's INSANE.

  3. oooo all these products are things that I want to try! and gaaaaaah i love the batiste... it saves my hair when I'm too exhausted to wash my hair the night before.


  4. I have that dry shampoo as well, the original. I've only used it a few times but i thought it was not too bad!

  5. Erica! You've won my Makeup Your Mama contest. Please contact me with your details so I can pass it along to Groupe Marcelle.


  6. congrats erica for winning lipstick rule's contest !!! that's amazing $250 worth of annabelle...that's like their whole collection ! : )

  7. I love the packaging on the Batiste dry shampoos & I must check out that Argan oil.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. hmmmmm nice post. it's looking so beautiful. your products r really nice.



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