May 17, 2010

Birthday Gifts for my Boyfriend?

Hello loves! Have you ever felt like you have no idea in the world what to get your boyfriend for his birthday? My exact point! My boyfriend's birthday is exactly a month from yesterday, and I'm starting to think about a present for him! This is going to be a big birthday for him, and I really want to make it special.

Let me describe my boyfriend a little bit: he's a funny, lazy, somewhat romantic guy. He LOVES video games(psh, what guy doesnt?), sleeping in bed, and a nice movie in bed after a long day. I know he doesn't want me to get him clothing or anything like that, but I know he loves anything to do with video games. He convinced me to play 2 hours of Assassins Creed 2 with him yesterday! He's also a tech guy, as in like... he's got many different little gadgets that I haven't figured out yet. Haha!

I want you guys to tell me what gifts you've ever gotten for you boyfriends for any occasion, it could be birthdays, christmas, valentines, it doesn't really matter! The key here is to suggest ideas that I and even some of you could use! :)

So that's my Question of the day girlies, feel free to elaborate!

Love, Erica


  1. lol my fiance is the saaammmme way. Its hard not to mention expensive buying gifts for techies.

    If you want to go the expensive route, how about getting him a blu-ray player if he hasnt got one already or an extra controller. Also if he plays online maybe an online game card? Or even one of those head sets

    If you dont want to spend that much maybe bake him a cake. Itll be sentimental and you could put his fave candies on it

    In the past Ive gotten my guy an ipod with our anniversary engraved in the back, I baked him cakes and many different deserts, stuff for his car etc...Now that we'll be living together and sharing the same finances we dont really get each other expensive items anymore.

    Good Luck though!

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  2. I think ur bf is my bf's long lost brother! lots of things in common!! lol. well you mentioned he is a techy guy, he might like a new headset from skullcandy. guys love those. But really, any gift from you will surely be enough since you're the best gift there is for him!

  3. Hmmm.... I usually buy my boyfriend clothes and hats.... he's a hat fanatic. Since he likes video games I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing about a new game thats coming out that he just has to have.

  4. i really dont think anyone can help you with this one! no one will know him better than you do so you are the best person to choose the gifts x

  5. how about any customized item? =)

  6. Hmm, is he into racing games? If so, you can get him a nice wheel controller + pedal set (usually with resistance feedback!) for around $99 on any of the major consoles: PS3, XBOX 360, PC...

    My other idea is cologne but only if he's into it.

    For anything small, you can get a small round box (danish butter cookie tin would work great here), cover the present on a plate, frost it (or get a local baker to frost it for you!), candle it, and let him blow it out and start to try cutting the cake before realizing it's fake and his present is underneath! Man, I just came up with that and I am kicking myself for not doing it for my bf's birthday this past Friday. lolol ...esp. since I got him cologne. XD

  7. "He LOVES video games(psh, what guy doesnt?)"

    I don't... he he he.

    What would be a good b-day gift for your guy? Hmm.... how about a GPS receiver for the car? It only came to mind cuz I was thinking of getting one myself and you said that he's a tech nut. They're not too expensive these days...

  8. Omg girl, its like your describing my bf, hes the same exact!

    Hmm..well for the past occassions ive gotten him a cologne-aqua di dio by armani, my fave! i bought him ps3 games, and clothes...sorry im no help at im not good at choosing presents..but im sure you will find something youd like to give him! :]

    Miss Nikka

  9. Hmmm... let's see... To play it safe, get video games, like the newest, popular ones that he hasn't got it yet LOL. Or, you can get him a video game that you would play with him =D. Or, get some video games accessories that he doesn't have.

    Even though boys might say they don't want clothing or stuff like that, they like it when you got some for them LOL. I got my boyfriend a pair of winter boots for Christmas, and he loves them =). So I guess they might like something practical!?

    Anyway, I'm hoping to get some advices from the replies too =D

    Good luck girl~


  10. My bf's birthday is todaaaaaay! <3

    I got him 3 gifts all within a theme:, since he loves that site so much.

    They have these articles on grooming, relationships and family, skills, and character development. I like that he is trying to better himself.

  11. This is true, sometime we are very confused when we are buying birthday gifts for boyfriend so this topic is very sensitive we should more discuss on it....

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  13. Aww! A very happy birthday to him! If you can get him something that he has always wanted to acquire then it will make the most special birthday gift for him ever. You can also get his picture printed on a calendar or you can get him a personalized jigsaw puzzle printed with his picture. Get him a gift voucher for an online shopping store, which will make it easier for him to shop his favorite gift.It can be anything from a handmade card to a handmade photo frame or collage to a scrapbook. Go camping with him in a forest on the outskirts of the town. No other way could give a perfect ending to your adventure trip. Hide your tiny gifts in the house and let him find his way around the house with the help of hints or clues. You can write romantic poems or even your favorite love song's lyrics in your handmade card. Decorate it with hearts and flowers for further beautification. He will be smitten by this act. You can also buy him tickets for his favorite sports' events and match etc. autographed merchandise will be the icing on the cake. That will be one of a kind Birthday Gift For Your Boyfriend. You can also buy funny naughty t-shirts, boxers and pajamas for him that has some really naughty quotes and pictures printed on them. You can also get his picture printed on a calendar or you can get him a personalized jigsaw puzzle printed with his picture. Get him a gift voucher for an online shopping store, which will make it easier for him to shop his favorite gift.

  14. Great yaa...Too good!! My boyfriend is also the same!! I am lucky to have him in my life! :)
    birthday gifts for boyfriend.

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