April 18, 2010

Cellnique Skincare Review

Hello Loves! It's another pretty day out that I'm actually stuck at home doing work and working out. Haha! Well today, I've got an interesting review for you girls out there who are interested in this brand. Cellnique is a relatively unknown brand for us girls here in North America, and I believe it's based in the Singapore/Malaysia area. They offer mainly skincare items and are seemingly geared more toward people with problematic skin, but works well for me too. I'll stop blabbing, let's get to the review. For reference, I have normal to dry skin.

Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion

Specially designed to repair damaged cells and promote healing process, this formulation protects all skin types including sensitive skin from environment aggressions and provides relief to dry and dehydrated skin conditions.

I used this basically as my night cream, and this definitely gets the job done. In my opinion, the product has an excellent and smooth consistency, pretty much like a very moisturizing cream. I apply this all over my face at night, and when I wake up in the morning, my face feels light and moisturized.

Scent: 10/10
I think this smells nice, and reminds me a bit of flowers. The scent isn't so strong that scent-sensitive people can't use it.

Moisturizing Ability: 9/10
Quite nice actually! In the first 10 minutes, this product does feel a bit sticky on your face, but after that, it's virtually undetectable.

-moisturizes well
-nice sleek packaging to stray from germs.
-makes skin feel silky soft.

-Expensive, not exactly affordable @ $73.00 USD
-A little bit sticky


Intensive Hydrating Complex

A lightweight formulation with high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Essential Amino Acids. Helps bind moisture to restore elasticity of the skin. It thereby minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and helps deliver an instant supple and smooth skin.

This product reminds me of the Makeup Forever HD Elixir; basically just a serum that offers instant moisture to the skin. No doubt, this product does exactly that. This time of the year I have very dry patches, especially around my nose and my eye area. I apply this to my dry patches, and it pretty instantly sooths it and relieves flakyness.

Scent/Texture: 10/10
A clear liquidy consistency with a sort of oceany scent. I find it really pleasant, especially in the morning!

Moisturizing Ability: 10/10
Very moisturizing indeed! However, you really can't use this all over your face because it's a little bit oily, and will make your t-zone shine throughout the day.

-Extremely Moisturizing
-Nice Packaging, with an eyedropper
-Lasts a long time if only used with eyes

-Too small for to use for all over the face as instructed (30mL)


Total Daytime Protection 30

This ultra-light, skin-friendly UV ray protection blocks UVA and UVB from harming your skin at SPF 30 and PA+++. It’s not greasy, non-comedogenic formulation is enhanced with Grape Seed and Green Tea Leaf extracts to act as powerful free radical scavengers.

I've got to say this is a very nice sunscreen. In the past, I've had terrible experience of oily sunscreen, and this one doesn't do that at all. It feels nice and soothing on the skin, while it truly does prevent sun damage.

Smell/Texture: 10/10
A smooth and creamy texture, while very easy to spread everywhere across your face. To me, this smells like a blend of babies and coconut oil, quite a pleasant scent if you ask me!

Moisturizing: 8/10
This product isn't very moisturizing at all, but keep in mind that this is a sunscreen, it performs rather well.

-LOVE the feel of this on my face, it soaks in and doesn't feel greasy.
-The pump on the packaging helps you controls amount you take out.
-A pretty good amount of product!

-Still, a bit expensive @ $51.00 USD

Overall: A

Diamond Serum Foundation

Containing as much Nano Diamond and Nano Platinum Powder as a bottle of essence, the Diamond Serum Foundation melts perfectly into your skin to provide extreme luminosity and the sparkle of the purest diamonds. It will have you radiating a new youthfulness and brightness after each application.

This is probably the one product of all five that I don't like. I'm not exactly the type of person who's really picky about my foundation, but the glitter in this foundation was really too much. The universal shade matched me perfectly, but might not work for those with paler or darker tones.

Smell/Texture: 8/10
To me, this smells a lot like cocoa butter which I like, but may be too much for scent-sensitive people. The texture is pretty thick, which I definitely do not like. But it could provide thicker coverage for those with more imperfections.

Staying Power: 6/10
Honestly, I couldn't see it anymore by the 10th hour. I'd say this would last about 6-8 hours with a setting powder.

-Full Coverage, not for me, but may be for others.

-GLITTER! Much bigger than Revlon PhotoReady
-Feels Heavy
-Not very long lasting.

Overall: C

Intensive Hydrating Silk Masque

This multi-property sheet masque intensely hydrates, moisturizes and regenerates skin from within, leaving it dewy-soft, youthful and supple. It is also fortified with anti-aging properties to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

No picture because I loved it so much and already finished the 5 sheets it came with! As soon as I washed it off, my skin felt so soft and moisturized like a baby's butt, literally! What I love the most about this masque is that it feels like it cleansed deep into the pores of my nose and my blackheads left after using it twice. That's how good it is!

Scent: 10/10
Doesn't really smell like anything to me, so that's good for people who hate scented skincare.

Moisturizing: 10/10
Honestly, this is really really really good. For those who have dry skin, this masque hydrates like no other. My face immediately felt smooth and soft.

-Very Moisturizing
-Gives Skin a Healthy Glow

Cons: NONE!


For prices, sizes, and inquiry, please visit Cellnique at: http://www.cellnique.com/index.php/

Disclaimer: Products provided by Cellnique for consideration.

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