October 14, 2009

100 Follower Giveaway! (Closed)

Finally! Yes! So I decided to do a small giveaway to thank my followers for reading and following my boring blog for so long! It makes me happy that at least somebody is interested in what I write. I know the prizes aren't much at all, but this is really just a way for me to communicate and thank you guys! I also encourage my silent followers to speak up! I love getting comments from all of you, and it truly makes my day. Hope you guys like!

ONE winner will be chosen, and I will be giving away TEN NYX Round Lipsticks of your choice. Once the winner is selected, they will be contacted, and will tell me which lipsticks you choose. They also must be available at cherryculture.com.

Rules For Entry:

1. Must be a follower of my blog. Sorry guys!
2. Must mention this giveaway on your PERSONAL blog.(doesnt matter how small!)
3. Must list ONE of your favourite makeup/beauty products ever, and list it in a comment to this post.
4. Must leave your email in the post if you don't have a blog.
5. Must be minimum of 14 years of age to enter, if you're younger, please consult a parent first!

More Information:

1. The winner will be contacted through email once it has been decided.
2. The winner will be chosen through random.com.
3. There must be more than 25 entries for the contest to go on!
4. This contest is available internationally.
5. This contest will end on November 5th, 2009.


  1. You are such a cutie! Your blog is NOT boring at all, silly girl!

    I'm a follower (for a long time haha)

    Your link is on my sidebar!

    My favorite ever? Probably Urban Decay 24/7 liners...how did I ever live without them?

  2. congrats on the followers :)

    My one favourite beauty product would be... my maybelline full&soft waterproof mascara. Ive been using it since highschool and I always go back!
    I also posted your giveaway on my blog =)

  3. Not really a beauty/mu product, but lotion. Keeps my dry skin soft and hydrated, Vaseline Creamy Skin Therapy lotion :) I guess I can use it a beauty aid too :)

    ( email: cherzmaster[at]gmail[]com )

  4. hey girl
    of course im a follower

    i posted about your giveaway here

    actually, one of my favorite makeup product is the NYX lipstick. They are so inexpensive and so many colors to choose from.

  5. sorry cherz, i couldnt see it on your blog!
    & angela, sorry, it has to be on your personal blog.

  6. New follower here! I posted about it on my blog:

    One of my fave products is the NYX lipliner in Natural.

  7. hi!

    new follower here :) congrats on the 100+ followers!

    posted ur giveaway here:

    one my of favorite makeup products is Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Eyeliner by Eyestudio. the colors look great and they are really affordable!

  8. New follower here!

    I posted about it on my blog:

    One of my fave products is the Pond's Whitening Cream. I used that product since high school..^_^

    thanks for the giveaway dear!!^_^

  9. Hi girl, I'm a new follower. Congratz on the 112 followers already yay!!

    I spread the love here:


    And my favorite makeup product is Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black. In my opinion, I think it is really effective in thickening and lengthening my eyelashes and it doesn't clump on me yay!!

  10. Hi. Newbie follower. ^^

    Mentioned about the giveaway here:

    The one beauty product I can't live without is a concealer and the one I'm currently using now is The Skin Food Peach Sake Concealer. I rely on my concealers to give the illusion of having flawless skin. Talk about living in denial :P

    Oh yeah, congrats on hitting 100 followers ^^

  11. Congrats on reaching 100+ followers!

    Your giveaway is on the sidebar of my blog (right side). I think it's easier for people to see your giveaway that way :)

    My favorite makeup product ever is MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack! I love how it enhances my eyes ang give me different looks in ways more than one!

  12. hi I followed you..
    I also posted your giveaway in my blog.


    email: trisha_papa@yahoo.com.ph

    My favorite makeup product? hmm.. I'm currently in love with blushes. Any brand will do, as long as it will brighten my face.

  13. Hey girlie im already a follower

    i blogged about this here:

    My fav MU Product would be MAC Ricepaper e/s i use it all the time

  14. Congratulations on 100+ followers!! My entry is posted here:


    Annd my fav product is MAC bombshell liptsick x

  15. my favourite product at the moment is L'oreal telescopic mascara, does wonders to my short stubby lashes
    I've added a link to the top of my sidebar on my blog


  16. My favourite beauty product EVER is foundation.... any good quality, good colour match, medium coverage foundation... i wouldnt be able to live without it!!

    i have mentioned your giveaway on my blog

    and my email is


  17. ♥ hey girl, i'm a new follower here (:

    i've posted this giveaway on my blog: http://beautyfullydepressed.blogspot.com/2009/10/100-follower-giveaway-of-erica.html

    and my favorite product as of the moment is my nivea lipbalm! i super love it!! ♥

  18. Hey m a follower ofcoz :)
    Blogged about your giveaway in my post here http://getgawjus.blogspot.com/2009/10/mini-brush-and-lippy-haul-no-more-back.html

    email - shifs_y2k@yahoo.com

    Favourite makeup product - MAC studio fix powder :D awesome coverage - feels so light!


  19. Congrats to 100 followers including me =) thanks for the giveaway opportunity...

    check out my blog I noted you there..


    My favorite product are my nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils i use those everyday..especially Milk and Yogurt. There are so many products I love, but this is one that I use often!! =) take care.

  20. Hi! I am a new follower :) Your blog is interesting!

    Please enter me in your giveaway :)

    I have posted this giveaway on my sidebar.

    My fav product has to be the foundation! a much have in my list!

    My email is: asianbeautifier@gmail.com

  21. Hiyaaaa..congrats on the followers!!

    I've posted your post on my blog here http://ghanaiangeisha.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-entry-to-blog-givaway.html

    My faaavourite makeup product would have to be YSL Mascara Volume False Lash Effect Mascara<-- OMFG if you are looking for dramatic,spider lashes, THIS IS IT!!! it's expensive but it really is worth it. I love huge lashes but hate falsies so i use that!

  22. Hi,

    Congrats on your 100 followers.
    I have posted about your giveaway on my blog:http://kimmydadiva.blogspot.com/2009/10/another-giveaway.html

    My favorite makeup product is 120 palette, reason being is that I can find any color I want for my makeup look in it and I love the textures and the pigmentation of the colors. I always reach for it first when I am about to apply my makeup. It's a very convenient for travel too as I have all the colors available to me and don't have to bring single e/s colors.


  23. Hello there!

    First off, congrats on reaching over 100++ Followers! This prize is wonderful and your blog is adorable. Also, any girl would love to have a collection of lippies.

    I'm a recent new follower =)

    I've posted about this giveaway on my blog here:http://kawaiitime.blogspot.com/2009/10/every-girls-little-addictions-100th.html

    One of my favorite beauty products is Nivea's A Kiss Of Moisture hydrating lipcare =) It does wonders for my lips as I'm constantly talking and chapping on them at work. LOL

  24. Hi!

    Congrats on 100 followers! Your blog is so cute! And the prize really is awesome. I don't wear lipstick much but I'm really curious about NYX lippies which I've never tried.

    I posted your giveaway on my blog here: http://penguinsintuxedos.blogspot.com/2009/10/great-giveaway.html

    My favourite product is mascara and at the moment I am really liking Maybelline Great Lash Big.

  25. new follower here!

    posted a link here: beautygeekness.blogspot.com

    fave beauty prod would be my Revlon New Complexion Concealer..great for morning cover-ups...hehehe!:)

    here's my email addy: beautyandgeekness at gmail dot com

  26. new follower here :)

    posted http://notjustcontest.blogspot.com/2009/10/100-follower-giveaway-by-erica.html

    my favourite is eyeko 3-in-1 cream can be use a moisturiser too. :) I just love the shimmery.

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  27. Hello!!!

    check out the repost here:

    favorite product everrr - i have a tie, is that ok? L'Oreal Voluminous mascara with the curved brush and Jane Iredale pressed powder, it's the BEST and totally worth the money


  28. hi!! posted the link of your contest here--->

    most favorite product makeup is MAC studio fix fluid and Mario Badescu Buffering lotion to combat pimples!! you must try it!! :)

  29. hey!!Congrats first of all!!I posted your giveaway here: http://lifeisonebigplayground.blogspot.com/

    One of my favorite products ever would have to be the DiorShow Blackout mascara. It is the perfect going out mascara. I absolutely love it!

  30. Dear Erica,
    Congrats on reaching 100 followers and i am one of ur follower :)

    My fave beauty product would definitely be the Kose Sekkisei beauty range. It's a japanese beauty facial brand and it's really really good for facial complexion.

    Oh yea, i hv posted ur giveaway in my blog
    Come and drop by :)

    Take care!!

  31. Congrats on reaching 100 subbies.

    My top beauty product would have to be Chapstick of any kind. Either that or the perfect foundation. Because without flawless skin and super soft lips no look will ever be complete.

    Your giveaway is linked in my blog here :)

  32. 100 Followers WOW...I'll get there ONE day =)

    So...if I had to pick ONE beauty product as my FAVE, it would have to be chapstick/lipgloss...my FAVE brand is LipSmackers, the flavors are DELICIOUS,taste so good..a treat for my lips, keep them super soft.

    Oh...I posted your giveaway on my blog:

    Thanks a bunch...and CONGRATS again!

  33. now following~
    visit my blog too..zashiarts.blogspot.com

    my fave product would be NARS in orgasm, love the shade! looks natural with glitter effect..

  34. Hi! I really want to join the contest!!!

    I'm a certified follower!

    Here's my blog post about the contest:

    Fave Make-up Product:
    I'm addicted to make up stuffs but don't have the capacity to buy expensive ones but I love Avon products esp. lipsticks and blush, affordable and has quality!


  35. What an awesome giveaway! I am a follower, my favorite make-up product is Everyday Minerals powder, my email is butterflychk500@yahoo.com and the link to my blog post is here:



  36. YAY! I've always wanted to try out the NYX Round Lipsticks. Thanks for this giveaway! And your blog is not boring!


    Favourite Beauty Product: Lip balm!! I must have one because my lips are super dry.

  37. hey :)

    my fave product EVER would be the Nivea Lip Care - Caregloss and Shine. its got that moisturising effect and the subtle colour and shine makes it my everyday favourite :)

    mentioned this giveaway in my blog too ^^

  38. My fave beauty product is mascara. I like sheseido. I am a follower.


  39. I love Mac Studio fix the powder compact! would be lost without it!

  40. Hi Erica!

    I just followed your blog. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited with the contest. By the way, I already posted your contest on my blog. Check it at:

    My favorite makeup is Avon Magix Tinted Face Perfector.

    Have a great day and congratulations for hitting 100 followers.

    Lots of love,

  41. Ohhhh I love giveaways :)

    My all-time favorite beauty item must be my Revlon ColorStay Foundation. This stuff is magical! I apply it on a well moisturized face at 7 am every morning, and take it off right after school (and sports) at around 8pm..and it's still there..hasn't moved a bit. Have to love it :)

    I posted it on my blog : http://onlyesmeraldaa.blogspot.com/2009/10/lovely-giveawayy.html

    Congrats of reaching 100 followers!! :)

    Esmeraldaa xx

  42. I've followed =) and I've posted it in my blog:

    I'm new to beauty/makeup blogging and makeup but I'm learning fast hahaha..

    My all-time favourite beauty product at the moment would have to be...
    PUPA Magic Concealer in (02)...
    I'll just dab it on any blemishes or my dark undereyes or any red patches and my face seems to look more even toned =)

    Visit/Follow my blog! =D
    @ http://blushfully.blogspot.com/

  43. hi

    i looove NYX lipsticks soooo much! they are fantastic :) thanks for having this giveaway!!

    wrote about it on my blog: http://maria-aston.blogspot.com/2009/10/and-few-more-giveaways.html

    i think my HG beauty product as of now is a box of 10 pairs of brandless cross-lash fake lashes that look so naturally on me. got them off ebay for like 1GBP! cant live without them :D


  44. Hey nice prize!! My favourite all time make up piece is probably my Bourjois eye shadows. I have about 10 different colours and I love them all!! My blog is here (http://daisymay-dayz.blogspot.com/) and will post your giveaway asap.

  45. Hey there, sister! my blog is www.ourmakeupjungle.blogspot.com. The one beauty product that I absolutely can't live without is my NYX Concealer in a Jar. Will post your contest right now. Thanks!

  46. Woo!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    Linked you blog on my blog
    My favourite beauty product is rimmel london concelor! Dont know what i'l do with out it or it cold be neutrogena moisterisor it smells so yummy :L

  47. i posted your giveaway HERE

    im your follower

    i like UDPP

  48. I'm your follower and I've blogged about your giveaway here: http://xoxochic16.blogspot.com/2009/10/erica.html

    One of my fav makeup product is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. It does work wonders for your eyeshadows <3


  49. I posted it on my blog and here's the link...


    my fave make up is my Lash stiletto mascara and my ELF Blush and Bronzer...

  50. hi Erica!

    my favorite product is Body Shop Lip & Cheek Tint!

    here's my post:

    my email: tinay_decastro@yahoo.com

    More Power to your blog!


  51. oops i made a mistake, here's my post


  52. hi! nice blog. my favorite product is BB cream. use them everyday :)

    cushycottage at gmail dot com

    posted on my blog:

  53. Hey!! What a wonderful giveaway! One of my favorite products is my mascara...It makes my eyes pop!! lol, and i'm using Rimmel's Glameye's Mascara...and it works great!!

    I blogged about your giveaway here....come check it out!


  54. Congrats on reaching 100 followers girl!! What a wonderful giveaway...i love NYX lippies nowadys...count me in as i already post it on my blog..hehehe

    Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost is one of my favorite cuz it makes my lashes volumized..i wore it since i was in college...i have tried another brands of mascara..but then i still buy this mascara..this mascara is the MUST on my collection..

    cawai99 at gmail dot com

  55. http://www.thecontestgeek.com/2009/10/24/100-follower-giveaway/

    i like Lise Watier Portoflio for my blemishes

    followed ur blog thecontestgeek@gmail.com

  56. i follow your blog

    posted on my side bar: http://xyyan.blogspot.com

    one of my favorite makeup is: Skin Food Aloe BB Cream, feel light on my skin...

    email: d_esty88(at)yahoo(dot)com

  57. Hey,

    I followed yr blog,

    posted it on my blog here: http://addictedtoblush.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-10-nyx-lipsticks.html

    My all time fav product has got to be Maybelline's Define a Lash.

    & My email is tanveer.parmar@gmail.com

    There, done everything you said.. Keeping my fingers crossed :D

  58. I also posted it on my blog: http://pearlsandlovenotes.blogspot.com

    My all-time favorite makeup product is NYX blush, I'm addicted to it and am searching for it frantically where I live :D

    email: jackieheartsyou@hellokitty.com

    Congrats on the followers!

  59. blogged about the contest:


    my fave is shu uemura lip gloss uber fab and perfect!!!

    email: kennethmanalad@gmail.com

  60. hey girl .. congrats for yer 100 followers !!

    my fav all time product would be MAC prep + prime transparent finishing powder .. it makes my make up last all day and ma skin looks so flawless .. pure LOVE !!

    my email is - pinkpearl_palak@yahoo.com

  61. My all-time favorite is Maybeline's Diamond Shine lipstick.

    Posted about this at my blog http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com

    I'm a follower

  62. Hello Erica, new follower here. You're silly, I don't even find your blog boring at all. Well, It's so interesting :)

    Anyway, want to join this contest coz I love NYX. Posted about your giveaway here:

    My all-time favorite make up is Bodyshop's lip and cheek tint coz I'm so addicted with blushes and that tint does amazing works. :)

    Take care.

  63. my email by the way is musicfreak_kikay@yahoo.com.ph

  64. hi!
    following you already
    posted your giveaway here:

    I can't still let go of my Johnsons baby powder :)
    a must for my oily face

  65. new follower, i just found your blog!
    enter me plzzzz :D
    my fave is my rimmel eye kohl, i can't live without eyeliner
    blogged abt the giveaway here:

    p.s i hope you had a happy halloween ^^

  66. Hi! My favorite favorite product is MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (NC45). I love how it removes all the redness and evens out my complexion. I've pretty much stopped using concealor since I bought that baby.

    I announced your giveaway on my blog:

    and my email address is arya.at84@gmail.com

    Hope I win!!

  67. Posted it on my blog:


    My favorite product is Elianto's Plum Up Lip Shine... It leaves a cool sensation on the lips :D

  68. Hi Eica, cogratulations on reaching 100+followers! I've lurked for a bit but have blogged about your competition/subbed so please enter me.

    My favorite product is Vaseline- an oldie but a goodie. Great for lips, cheeks, hands and more

    See here for my post about your giveaway!

    Keep blogging!
    Emma :)

  69. hey i'm following :)

    my post: http://jessicallouise.blogspot.com/2009/09/giveaways.html

    my fave product is Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, i love it. makes my eyes look so big :}

    thanks for the giveaway xoxo


  70. Hey!
    Can you enter me?
    And my favorite product is MAX Factor 1000 Calorie Mascara. Its the best mascara yet, and I've tried many! Whats your favorite?

  71. Enter me!
    My fave fave product hmm the front cover eyeshadow 08/09 as it has all i need to create a nice eye look.
    such an awsome giveaway, thank u!
    Congrats on 100 + may many more come too!
    Shan x

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